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You can call it a comeback; it's been dead for a year. We used to see these charts every month, but it's been a while. Since I have access to the metrics, I got permission to pick up the torch and share some of this info with everyone. The only thing I can't do is find out what the most visited pages are (profiles, blogs, games, concepts, etc.) and that's because I don't have access to the Google analytics. If those become available, I'll surely add those in. But, even without that, there's plenty of blue bars and numbers to comb through.

Also, if it's not obvious, you can click on the images to embiggen them, which makes the data labels easier to read.


You can see here there was a boost in activity during E3 2012. This will become a theme in many of the charts to follow.

Blogs per Day

quest to write a blog every day about video game bosses was a success and easily put him at the top of the heap in terms of blog authors on the site.

Top Blog Authors


Only the Microsoft E3 Press Conference is more popular than wrestling on Giant Bomb. Nice work,

Most Commented Forum Topics

I'm kind of surprised that I'm on this list, but maybe it's due to all those videos I uploaded during E3. No surprise that is at the top though.

Most Comments per User

Looks like Hailinel's blog project put him at the top of the forum topic creators list as well. Both he and created more topics than Patrick created news topics. That's a lot.

Most Topics Created

There's a part of this one that doesn't make any sense to me. Why is there a huge drop off in topics created during E3? It shoots up on Day 1, but then falls into the basement on Day 2. I don't know. It's weird.

Topics Created per Day


I didn't know where else to put this, but this is a chart of notification traffic each day. This includes @ replies, friend requests, review recommendations, list recommendations, wall posts, wiki approvals, wiki denials, and all direct PM's.



These are the most reviewed games by users throughout the month of June. No real surprise that Max Payne 3 tops the list of such a slow month for games. Pretty crazy that Bastion is still up there.

Most Reviewed Games by Users

I don't know what is doing, but he's doing a lot of it.

Most Reviews per User

User reviews have half stars, while staff reviews don't. So, numerically, a user review of 5 is really 10.

User Reviews by Score


There were only about 4000 views separating #1 from #10 here.

Most Viewed Videos

It seems most of us like high quality video, but not TOO high quality.

Video Quality Used

Again, I can only assume that posting a video counts as a comment. Otherwise, there's no way I had over 100 comments on videos.

Most Video Comments per User


was the most active wiki editor in terms of individual edits this month.

Most Individual Edits per User

Oh! So, that's how Etrian Odyssey made its way to the most edited pages chart (see below). seems to be blowin' it up.

Most Points Earned per User

These are the most edit pages for the month of June. Not in terms of point differential, but just number of individual edits made. No surprise that E3 2012 easily was at the top, and check out one of our newest concept pages; Skull for a Head.

Most Edited Pages

If you thought the Release system was largely ignored, this proves you wrong. Still, there's a lot of work to be done in that area of the site. I have to believe that has something to do with this chart's results.

Pages Added by Type

Here's the number of edits per category. I might be the only one, but I hope we eventually get a revamped version of accessory pages.

Submissions by Type

Here's a glimpse into wiki moderation. Here you can see how many submissions are made per day broken down into users with live edit privileges versus newer wiki editors and even how rarely we actually have to reject stuff.

Submissions by Type per Day

And, lastly, here's a look at how active your friendly, neighborhood moderators are on the wiki queue. Unfortunately, there's no metric for showing who's doing the heavy lifting on forum moderations. Clearly was killin' it during June.

Top Wiki Moderators

See ya next month!

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Did you just @reply your entire blog to me?....I need to get on that shit.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Did you just @reply your entire blog to me?....I need to get on that shit.

You can call out anyone at any time. Just type an @ symbol and it should bring up a prompt to put in a user name.

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I'm aware of that (in fact, I abuse it heavily :P), but it's somewhat surprising to have an entire blog pop up in your inbox.

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Awesome, I really loved reading these before. Are we going to get more of these again, or is this a one time deal?

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Man, is going to be so hype when he sees this...

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@Sweep: It's worth mentioning (I guess) that, unlike the achievement or reviews data I've done, these require no actual work by me other than taking screen caps. All of these charts and data are available on the back end.

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Anime discussion thread represent!

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@Marino: Still, you took the time to clobber it all together, which is more than the rest of us would have done. We are lazy bastards! Especially Matty.

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@Video_Game_King: Hey VGK, you can @ a blog to me if you make a blog telling me why Katy Perry's treats are so sweet.

I didn't have a hundred posts last month? That doesn't seem right to me. Hell, I'm up near 1200 now. How the fuck did that happen? I feel like I've spent way to much time on this site and made at least 3 - 4 comments everyday for the last 2 months.

edit. Oh right, I wanted to ask do users who download the video's count towards the video views? I don't know why I wanted to ask this, but I do.

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Oh hey, I finally appeared on one of these things. 11/12 blogs last month? Man, was I busy.

Good job, Marino. Was all this info-gathering possible because of your admin upgrade? Or is it available to all mods?

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I have decided to call you the "Number Wizard" for these regular posts.

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Are you mad, man?! I'm still coming off the trauma of that Magical Mystery Mall; do you wish death upon me, good sir? Besides, I don't think I can run The Sims 3, let alone an expansion pack.

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Was there one of these threads for the month of May?

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I love these things, thanks for bringing it back Marino.

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@pyromagnestir said:

edit. Oh right, I wanted to ask do users who download the video's count towards the video views? I don't know why I wanted to ask this, but I do.

No idea.

@Mento said:

Good job, Marino. Was all this info-gathering possible because of your admin upgrade? Or is it available to all mods?

It's only available to staff.

@Winternet said:

Was there one of these threads for the month of May?

Nope. As the first line in the blog implies, there hasn't been one of these for about a year now. Ethan used to do them, but he stopped at some point last year and also didn't make the move to CBS.

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@Video_Game_King: I do not wish death upon you. I guess I just thought of you as a supreme being able to handle abuse that would destroy, both mentally and physically, a mere human such as myself.

Way to shatter that illusion, dude.

@Marino: Oh... Why do I suddenly feel as if you're answer has set my life on a path that will ultimately lead to me lying naked atop a mountain screaming at and cursing a deity who may not exist and most certainly will not answer back?

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Even a Lunarian has limits. They're pretty high, but they're still there.

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Man this is amazing, I don't remember these from before though.

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Awesome stuff. Good to the wrestling thread up so high.

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I would venture a guess here that HD is less popular statistically because streaming in HD has been a pain since the video player change. It can't seem to keep up now and constantly has to load. (at least for some of us, and I don't have that problem on any other website- this only started for me on this site when they changed the video player). 
I just download the videos in HD now though for the most part.

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Those wiki edits... damn, DeF and Spiritfox are machines. o.o

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Wrestling Thread #2?... We'll have to change that to #1 by next month.

What do you say?

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What? Why was I sent a notification? Who are you people?

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I like these data posts. They are like leader boards but for the site :P

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Wrestling draws brother. The numbers don't lie!

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Man, thirty days of blogging can really put a drain on you, I'll tell you that.

Thanks for putting this together, Marino!

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I blame Giantbomb for making me break out my copy of EO3 and finishing it. Haha... I forgot how fun the game was.

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For the amount of posts I have, I've still yet to be on one of these.

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I'm surprised there wasn't a surge of wiki rejections during E3.

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@FinalDasa said:

I'm surprised there wasn't a surge of wiki rejections during E3.

Luckily (?), there weren't that many new announcements during the show compared to most years. So, the duplicates were kept to a minimum.

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@Marino: True, I didn't think of that. I just imagined a wiki queue full of the same entry after every game is shown.

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Can this be a sign to Hizang and falserelic to stop making so many topics?

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This is awesome! The wiki editing competition is intense. Congrats to everyone for a job well done.

This data blog brings some memories when Ethan did them for Anime Vice, and I wonder about their stats.

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@Marino said:

It seems most of us like high quality video, but not TOO high quality.

More like, most of us have fast internet, but not REALLY fast internet.

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Nice to see this return!