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I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the track. A big thanks to Max for sharing it with us.

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Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous track; C418 never ceases to amaze. It's been really cool to see the tributes that are still popping up around the place for Ryan, just reinforces how much of an impact he really had.

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Very beautiful and atmospheric. I'm gonna have check out more of C418.

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Man...That track is really good. Made me tear up thinking about how much I miss Ryan.

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Wow, that's really good. Pretty long too.

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That was pleasant. Thanks!

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I get a little Sunshine OST feeling from it. Specifically, this track.

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Thanks for sharing duder.

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This is great.

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I like the part where it becomes music, I guess.

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I miss that fucking guy.

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I'd be down for something like this as ambient music during a movie/game but not a fan of listening to this alone unaccompanied by something else. Still, cool that he/they dedicated this track to Ryan.

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I'm listening the the bombcast where they go over his passing right now. Really weird, I actually haven't watched any old vids since he passed but listening to this and the podcast remind me of how sad the whole thing still is.

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Great song. Thanks for sharing!

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That's crazy good.

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Kinda reminds me of the "Mercy of the Living" track for the Walking Dead show. Love it.

Edit: Well, the beginning sounds like Mercy of the Living. It becomes more of a lighter tune once the beat kicks off.

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I thought the music in Minecraft was terrible, but this is pretty good.

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There's something ethereal about it that makes it feel like a big hug.

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I'm not super into it, but it's a great sentiment.

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I kinda liked the OTHER Taswell song more. It's super weird how these two artists write songs for Ryan Davis but both songs don't have lyrics in them... I don't see the connection between the great internet personality and the music which supposedly tried to portray his passing/persona.

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Always loved the Minecraft soundtrack, and C418. Ambient and downtempo kinda has to be your jam to like this sort of stuff, I guess, so I can understand how it's not for everyone in the thread. But if you can find yourself digging stuff that sounds like Final Fantasy town or menu music, then tracks like this are for you!

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I don't mean to be insensitive, but isn't this spam/advertising?

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That was great to listen to, thanks a lot for posting.

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Love me some C418 music, relaxing as hell.

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Wonderful. I love it!

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Wow, this is pretty great. I don't know if I have ever listened to anything from this artist before. Thanks for sharing.

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@missacre said:

I don't mean to be insensitive, but isn't this spam/advertising?

How is this either of those things?