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She ruined Nintendo"s conference for me.

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Blu_Magic said:
"She ruined Nintendo"s conference for me.
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Some one shouldve stabbed her with the wii mote...

God.....that, fake smile.....*shrugs*

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We need more Reggie!!!!

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Kharisma said:
"Man, this is the best thread on the forums, thus far.

I agree that Cammie assisted in the ultimate failure that was Nintendo's Press Conference, but Nintendo's Press Conference would have failed even without Cammie.

In accordance with the bylaw that remains the undertone of this thread, though...

I hate Cammie Dunaway.
lol thnx
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I hate Cammie its that simple

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She looked like she was auditioning for a high school play. Everything about her was forced. But then again, who am I to criticize when Nintendo is raking it in the way they are.

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Seriously?...SERIOUSLY? A hate thread? Wow. Thats It. Just Wow

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you know what I say http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgRriCJARvU

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Thomas said:
"Seriously?...SERIOUSLY? A hate thread? Wow. Thats It. Just Wow
I guess someone's got a crush on Cammie Dunaway. =O
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Nintendo press conference in 60 seconds:

to be fair Nintendo's press conference sucked for a lot of other reasons besides cammie (even if she is terribly annoying)

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You didn't like her snowboarding story? No, really. She is too happy.

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evil lady

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Sleepy_Insomniac said:
Cammie 4 Ralz
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Foil_Charizard said:
Sleepy_Insomniac said:
"Cammie 4 Ralz"
I agree with the first comment on that article.