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Hey guys, there's this old game that I can't remember the name of. Perhaps you guys can identify it. Here's a few things about it:

  1. It's a futuristic-style racing game.
  2. It has pretty basic-looking polygonal 3D graphics.
  3. The cars were all different colors, but the track you raced on was pretty drab & black (Almost like that future-race from Chrono Trigger)
  4. It runs in a browser (I remember it was either running in Java or Shockwave, but it absolutely did NOT run in Flash)
  5. There is either a lady in a bikini or a topless lady at the end, depending on how well you placed in the race.
  6. Not sure when it was developed, but I played it sometime around the early 2000's (Not exactly sure when. 2001? 2002?)

Hope this is enough to go on.

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Good luck on this one. There's literally no way to use a search engine to find that game due to all the crap results surrounding searches about browser games and boobs.

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