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I'm running on a pretty low-end PC and I'm looking to play some games that will keep me pleased, even with the results I'm getting. My PC can run Warhammer 40K : Soulstorm etc pretty effectively.. put it that way. Specifically any RPG's would be great because they normally have a lot of replay-ability.

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Oblivion can be ran by any low-end PC these days and has great modding potential on PC.

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Torchlight, Terraria, Oblivion. Kind of hard to judge exactly what would be feasible for you to run.

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  • KOTOR 1 & 2
  • Jade Empire
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Vampire Bloodlines

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Mount and Blade Warband perhaps, you can downgrade a lot of the options if you get issues, works pretty swell on my craptop.
Titan Quest
Perhaps even the Penny Arcade rpg game thingie?

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Torchlight'll run. Even has a netbook mode.

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You could probably squeeze mass effect on there. Just download the ME2 demo on steam to benchmark it

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The original Witcher has a demo you can try.

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Not an RPG but I really am enjoying the Binding of Issac. There is a lot of replayability and can run on just about anything. Plus great music.

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fable tlc and the kotor games

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Like others have suggested, Torchlight is a really fun game.

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Torchlight is a game I have played on my Xbox 360 and my PC once before, same goes for Oblivion. Thanks for all the suggestions though I'll try them out.

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Mount and Blade Warband. Make sure it's Warband.

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Terraria and Bejeweled 3.

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Binding of Isaac.

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@razorzxz: Lord Of The Rings Online. Yes, it`s an MMORPG but you can solo the entire game and it`s totally free, no sub required. I hate MMOs because I don`t want to play with other people when I`m in a game, but here you don`t have to if you don`t want to.

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@razorzxz: I`m actually running Deus Ex: Human Revolution on a single-core Compaq Presario with all the settings at minimum and it`s still a gorgeous game! I have GameBooster 3 which cuts out all unnecessary apps while playing. (It`s available at IOBit`s website for free)! And yes I consider the game an RPG.

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If you're not looking for a swords-and-magic type RPG, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas should run pretty well on your system.

If you're into some multiplayer, you can download Team Fortress 2 in Steam for free.

Also, Portal and Portal 2 if you haven't played them.

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Persona 4/3

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fallout 3 can run pretty well on low end machines. And everyone knows that the fallout games are fun! glitchy but fun!

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Any Fallout game
Dungeon Siege 2
Baldur's gate
Neverwinter Nights
Alpha Protocol
Witcher (although you might wanna go over to this site, considering that you didn't give us your specs :P)
I'd go with the Fallout games if you haven't played them. Great universe, all of them have great gameplay, atmopshere and story and lots of replayability. Many people suggest Torchlight and it is a really fun game but it literally has a paper thin story, so it's up to you.