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Can't remember the name of the game, PS1, RPG (jrpg?), multiple starting characters and stories.

The start of the game had a screen with about ~7-ish characters to pick from and you highlited the one you wanted, each character had his/her own storyline and started in different locations. As you went through the game you revisited some of the same locations with different characters, but the levels had different objectives.

I remember one of the chars having silly blue hair and his sttarting sequence involved a car crash (possibly a car crash?) followed by a boss battle.

It had a standard ff7-like turn based fighting system with a max party size of (I think) 4.

I have some more info if this isn't specific enough, but all of it is even more un-specific and hazy.

Thanks for reading

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Sounds like SaGa Frontier 1 or 2, not sure, never played either.

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@sinusoidal: Watching a playthrough now, based on the music alone I think we may have the answer! I'll confirm when it gets to gameplay (SaGa Frontier 1) would be the 1.


EDIT: Yup SF1, thanks. Here's hoping it's on the EU PS store.

@zeforgotten: thanks. The hair is even sillier than I remembered.