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I'm super excited this time around with new consoles and games with the downside being all the negativity. Little bit of a bummer. Let's turn that around. Avoid flaming, trolling, cynicism, and sarcasm. Asking a bunch but feel if any community can do it it is GB. Show only your love for whatever.

I'll start. Game wise I thought Dead Rising, The Order, and Infamous Second Son all looked compelling. Hoping to see something more about Deep Down. SWERY 65's new game, and absolutely nothing more on Watch Dogs (I'm already sold).

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I am absolutely dying for Transistor. I don't know whether I'll be playing it on PS4 or PC, but I need that game and I need that soundtrack.

I'm also excited for Sony's indie publishing policy for the PS4. Hopefully they put some good effort into promoting whatever quality releases come from that.

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MGS V looks sick as hell!!!

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Forgot Mirror's Edge 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition. Super psyched that Dragon Age isn't going to be out for a while so they can polish and build that game up.

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I'm a huge huge MGS fan so of course I'm looking forward to more Kojima madness even if Sutherland is voicing Big Boss (crap that was me being cynical again).

I was pleasantly surprised with the Crew and I think that game has a lot of potential. If done right it could finally make me stop me playing TDU2 as I feel it's currently the only open world driving game that really nails it. I've always liked infamous and that game is looking pretty good, as does quantum break. Though possibly the best news was the pricing of the PS4, that really made my, eh... morning I guess.

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I thought the Sony conference was the best overall, but the two games I liked the most were MGS V and Titanfall - both of which were shown at Microsoft. Thankfully these are both multiplatform because they look awesome.

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Regardless of what was being show I always think E3 is exciting and that is a big positive.

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Buddy, if even sarcasm bums you out, I have a feeling you're in the wrong place.


Below looked awesome?!

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Microsoft actually showed some pretty interesting games, and I was pleasantly surprised by how focused they were on games during their conference. I'm naturally attracted to Ryse's setting, and their stronger focus on smaller games, Japanese games, and European games is encouraging.

I was asleep during the PS4 press conference, and boy does it sound like I missed a lot. I've seen the highlights, and am now contemplating getting a PS4 day one. They showed a lot of promising looking games as well.

There is no game currently in development that I want and hope to be good as much as I want Dragon Age Inquisition to be a return to form for the franchise that gave me one of my all-time favourite game experiences. The rest of EA's showing was promising, but obviously less mindblowing than the platform holder's conferences.

And Ubisoft continues to quietly be one of the best publishers in games. Assassin's Creed fatigue aside, I'm interested in Blacklist and The Division, South Park: SoT was a big pick-up, and I like how they take themselves less seriously than the other publishers; they aren't afraid to give Cartman, the Rabbids and Rayman some love during their conference.

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All these next-gen games that everyone is showing just look unbelievable. I said I was going to wait these new consoles out a little bit, but looking at all the shiny games and then hearing the Sony announcement that they were only paid multi-player away from going full Nintendo, I immediately had to preorder.

This E3 has been great so far, and that was only after the first day!

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Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy have swayed me to the PS4. Yes, I am that into Japanese games.

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Metal Gear Solid V, I want it so...

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I think E3 can be summed up in one word: Sony

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Sunset Overdrive looked like some grade-A Insomniac crazy, and I really liked the games Microsoft showed off.

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Sony = sunshine & unicorns.

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That one game on that one system looked dope.

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@moffattron9000 said:

Sunset Overdrive looked like some grade-A Insomniac crazy, and I really liked the games Microsoft showed off.

I loved the artstyle and music in that trailer so much! I'm more excited for it then anything else. I was pretty hesitant on Destiny before the sony conference but I'm completely sold on that as well now.

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Pleasantly surprised by the slate of games Microsoft showed. Ryse, Project Spark and Dead Rising 3 all had that distinct 'next-gen' smell.

Aisha Tyler is a great host. The Division impressed. I dig Ubisoft's commitment to near-future techno-dystopia.

Sony nailed its PS4 price-point and pro-consumer stance. Excited to see more on The Order -- Ready at Dawn is a great studio. Was already jazzed for Second Son and the focus on indie. Loved the video of Shu and Adam demonstrating how to share PS4 games.

Can't wait for the Nintendo Direct.

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Titanfall didn't look that great.

Am I doing this right?

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I think a highlight that was overlooked, and its only my impression, but everything looked like it included drop in-drop out co op ala Borderlands. That is never a bad thing. See Watch Dogs, The Division, The Crew, Destiny, etc.

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Man, Destiny really looked cool. I am a sucker for MMORPGs, but really want new game mechanics behind it. So that looks promising. Also, "The Order" looked awesome setup-wise. And Transistor.

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I have nothing but.
Even PvZ: Garden Warfare looks awesome

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Microsoft showed some alright games. I like the looks of sunset overdrive. EA showed me what I wanted to see for the most part. Hoping Dragon Age 3 is a better game, and I'm glad to hear they're taking their time. Ubisoft surprised me with that Crew game and The Division. Not sure if I'll play either, but they looked cool. Watch Dogs, however, I'm going to be all over that when it releases. Sony's did everything it needed to. They showed me some games I want, and they confirmed a lower price and less restrictions than the xbox one. Really liking the looks of Infamous Second Son. Transistor looked sweet also.

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Lots of interesting new games! Even somewhat known quantities like MGS5 and Witcher 3 surprised me by how good they looked. There's a general excitement to this E3 that only comes with new console launches and even if stuff doesn't blow me away the fact that there are shiny new toys makes me happy.

I feel bad for people that can only be snarky or underwhelmed by this stuff. It's like Christmas for me.

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Integration of single and multi-player seems to be a big theme, that and open world. Was there some kind of competition for who could get the phrase 'open world' into games this conference?

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The new hardware and SONY's openness and flexibility will allow multiplatform games to thrive on my PC and no longer be limited by everything that made me hate the concept of gaming consoles since I was a kid. AND THAT IS AWESOME!

Games wise, the fact that I can't remember or name even half the games that intrigued/impressed me during the four conferences makes me giddy! A lot of new titles and big potential for extraordinary fun!

Specific titles that made my pants creamy: The Witcher 3 times infinity, Mirror's Edge 2, The Divide, Battlefield 4 PC multiplayer.

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Just about every game looks incredible. Crazy to think what games will look like in 5-10 years.

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@evo said:

Just about every game looks incredible. Crazy to think what games will look like in 5-10 years.

Yeah. If this is what games look like at the beginning of the cycle, think of what they'll look like in a few years when they're taking advantage of the hardware even better.

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Destiny looks really, really pretty and I love loot-driven games. I don't do multiplayer though, so here's hoping there's some single-player action to that one. Otherwise, Infamous, Dead Rising 3, and The Order all have their merits. Would be neat if The Order ditched the guns and went w/ steampunk crossbows and other weaponry along with attack magic or something. Worry that the game will just be more shooty bang bang, just in a Victorian setting. It certainly has potential, however.

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We're getting some great games across the board it's great that now the whole 'we can't say anything yet' period is over

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Sony's decision to not only support indie developers but actually give them a spot on center stage at E3 gives me warm fuzzies. It makes me feel better about the state of the industry right now. :)

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From what I can recall from watching all 4 conferences in a row:


  • MGS5: Looked super interesting and fun (I adore stealth games) until I saw the character titles. I'm the opposite of, well everyone, but the story in MGS just makes me roll my eyes.
  • Titanfall looked absolutely amazing. Call it derivative or whatever but that game looked like pure fun.
  • Halo will be 60fps and will have giant enemies? Either way I'm excited.
  • Deadrising 3 is going full open-world. I can't wait to see what the achievement is for killing x amount of zombies.
  • The BF4 singleplayer looked good but lacked substance. The 64 player multiplayer demo on the other hand? I want that now! Bring down a skyscraper in Shanghai or call in tomahawk missiles...I don't understand how CoD is still better selling.
  • Witcher is also going full open-world. I didn't like The Witcher 2 but this has me impressed and eager to give the series another chance.
  • Ryse looked great but was a bit lackluster in terms of gameplay. Hoping to see more demos soon however.
  • I am excited for Forza 5, because I loved all 4 (5) of the other Forza games and have no reason to skip out on this.
  • Project Spark and Minecraft: I'm excited to see what people will be able to create with these two titles.


  • NFS Rivals: NFS hot pursuit is one of my favorite racing games and you can see the similarities. Excited to see more.
  • DA Inquisition: I actually enjoyed DA2 (yes I know, I know....) so that trailer got me excited. Can't wait to see the gameplay though.


  • Watch_Dogs: I was content with getting it for current consoles, but these new demos are making me want to get it for next gen systems.
  • Trials Fusions: I'm glad Red Lynx is given the freedom to do what they do best. I wonder if any of the crazy tracks people made in Evolution will carry over.
  • TC's the Division: Okay so they clearly took the RS Patriots tech to make this. I hope Rainbow Six isn't dead. The division was a nice surprise on par with watch-dogs last year. I wonder how deep the customization will be, because I want to make a dude that looks like John Rambo and yell AHHHHHHH into the mic all day.


  • Destiny: So it's a lot like Borderlands....Having just finished Metro LL, I was intrigued by this whole "old Russia" concept.
  • $399 is a great price for what's on offer.

Overall, it seems like a lot of games are using next gen tech to just create big open worlds. Maybe open-world is the new cover based shooter. It was an awesome opener for e3, way better than the last couple of years.

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I was really hype for the AI driving in Forza. I think what they are doing is really awesome! I will miss it when I get my PS4

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I feel dirty for being excited for anything Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts related, but I am. I am! THEY CHANGED THE NUMBER, YA'LL!

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I loved the indie devs being center stage.

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Mirror's Edge 2. Finally :D

Below seems pretty cool too. I can only assume there will be a PC version.


Sigh, the spoiler function is shitty :(

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Only positive? You kidding? This E3 has been amazing, so that won't be hard. Final Fantasy XV, The Division, Destiny, Titanfall, etc.

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I won't be happy until I see Aquanaut's Holiday: Return of the Hammershark on PS4!

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I was blown away by The Division. It's the new Watchdogs :D

Seriously, the detail was jaw dropping in that gameplay clip.

And you know, Destiny looked pretty great. Staten's an uber dork, and I wish Bungie would 'a put someone else on the demo, but it looked good, and we now have a firm idea about how that game will work.

Plus it's a melding of four of my favorite franchises: Borderlands(loot/co-op), Fallout(dystopia), Halo(space stuffs), and the last is a stretch tbh, but that Titan soldier(look at the rocket launcher...look at it!) near the end before the instance reminded me so much of the 40K universe. :)))

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If The Witcher 3 gets more indepth gameplay... I'm gonna cry. (That's a good thing)

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Both of the consoles look pretty great and there are so many new games to get excited about. Forza 5, Transistor, Quantum Break and MGSV are the first ones to come to mind. This has already been a fantastic E3!

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This is the best E3 in several years. PS4 seems fantastic. Despite some demo overload (seriously, it was at like every conference), Watch Dogs still highly excites me. A lot of other stuff.

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  • Pleasantly surprised by how fun Titanfall seems to be. Really liking the mech/ground unit dynamic.
  • I think Tom Clancy's The Division looks really gorgeous and the action seems pretty nice. Love the HUD/UI designs. Curious if the single player into multiplayer esque encounters will enhance or ruin the experience.
  • Obviously stoked to see Watch_Dogs, that game seems more and more promising the more I watch it. Most of the stuff is in the details too.
  • Finally got what Destiny was all about to some degree. Could be a fun co-op experience in the vein of Borderlands.
  • I want a new UFC game so bad. So bad. And the notion of real time body deformation just sounds great.
  • Bringing down a tank through the road or parachute jump from a ready-to-fall skyscraper? Battlefield 4 looked simply thrilling.
  • Haven't seen anything from Transistor previously, but it looks really promising. Greg Kasavin, bring it!
  • Bring me Assassin's Creed IV already.
  • Also, Morrigan.

There are actually plenty more but whatever. As negative as I've been up to this point, a lot of the showings reminded me about how awesome games can be and a little part of me actually let go of some of the hesitations I have had.

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I put in 40+ hours to Don't Starve on PC and I'm genuinely excited to play it again on PS4. Curious to see how they reconfigure the inventory management for a controller, but if there's a shot in hell that this could include multiplayer I'm there right away.

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Some good games coming out on both the new consoles, excited for both. Generic answer but eh.

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I have never considered myself a Ubi fanboy or anything, but I'm impressed with how Ubisoft has year after year brought new, different and exciting games to E3. People like to make fun of their press conferences, but they have really been the highlight for me for the last few years.

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I'm glad to see Sony back in the driver's seat. With the possible exception of the Sony Pictures guy coming out -- which I'm sure was a decision made at a parent company level -- almost everything in the conference hit the right notes. Compared to pre-PS3 SCE, they seem like a completely different company. They're not a perfect company, but I like their vision of video games more than Microsoft's, so I'm happy to see them poised to have a successful generation. With all of the problems Sony's had at a corporate level, there were times over the past couple of years I was worried they might not be able to compete with Microsoft in sheer level of investment.

I'm not personally interested in the Xbox One for a number of reasons, but I think they showed a bunch of quality games. Once the nerd drama dust settles, I'm sure they'll be just fine, and I think a lot of people are severely overplaying how invasive these DRM policies really are. The gleeful piling on has really be rubbing me the wrong way. (Okay, not strictly positive, but at least relatively positive?)

Watch Dogs looks neat; Assassin's Creed Black Flag looks like a great direction for the series (though I'm 3 games behind, so what do I know?); Super Mario 3D World wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I'm sure it will be great; Knack still looks great; Sunset Overdrive has a great art style; Mirror's Edge 2 should be great as long as they've taken the criticism of 1 into account; FF XV and KH3 look great; and MGS 5 is the most next-gen-looking game I've seen yet.

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I really enjoyed the games showed this year. There's exciting stuff across the board.

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Things that made me happy:

  • A new Mirror's Edge.
  • PEGGLE 2.
  • The Division.
  • inFamous 2.
  • The Order.
  • Battlefield 4 gameplay.
  • PS4's price.

Things that made me go, "Hmm..." :

  • Xbox One's price.
  • Aisha Tyler.
  • Redbox service coming to PSN. ( I see no one talking about this, does no one care? I rent a lot of games, so I'll probably use it.)
  • Footage of KH3.
  • Nintendo.
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After being bashed by friends and co-workers about being a Sony fan my whole life and how I should change to the Xbox 360, it was amazing getting to rub it in their faces on how Ps4 will be over XBone. I went an pre-ordered my Ps4 today at GameStop along with ACIV, Watch Dogs, Destiny, CoD Ghosts, and Battlefied 4. All the games I've seen are amazing. I'm truly excited for the Holiday so I can play my games.

I wasn't excited about Destiny before, until last night's conference. That gameplay looks amazing along with the world that you're set in. Even though its desolate and negative, it still has a beauty to it.