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Posted by MikeydCT (575 posts) 1 year, 4 months ago

Poll: Can you decide what your favorite game of all time is? (237 votes)

Yes 68%
No 32%

I have been playing video games for 25 years now and I can not choose a favorite game of all time. I am wondering if other gamers also can not decide on a favorite game of all time. If you can what is the game? Also long long have you been gaming?

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Yes (Your vote), Persona3FES

Also 15yrs

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Yes I can, World of Warcraft is my favorite game. I'll always be able to go back to that world and enjoy it.

#3 Posted by davidwitten22 (1708 posts) -

It's Starcraft Brood War. And I've been gaming for 16 years I guess? I don't remember when I started, early Elementary School I started with the gameboy pocket (may have had my genesis before that?)

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~17 years

#5 Posted by ShaggE (6817 posts) -

Yup. Rise of the Triad (the original). It's a great game, but something about it makes me ridiculously nostalgic, and that elevates it to all-time best in my eyes.

21 or 22 years.

#7 Posted by Zeik (2887 posts) -

Gun to my head I'd say Suikoden 2, but if I had to debate the ups and downs of my favorite games and choose a definitive favorite then I don't think I could.

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Yes. Dark Chronicle.

Oh, 20 years.

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@aegon: Dark Cloud 2. I'm EU so it's Dark Chronicle.

Just like SMT: Lucifers Call = Nocturne

dude delete all your posts? :p

#12 Posted by TyrellOCP (367 posts) -

Probably Ocarina of Time. It's influenced my taste in games more than any other.

And that would mean around 15 years of playing games.

#13 Posted by Unilad (582 posts) -

The first time I played Max Payne.

Best play through experience with a video game I've ever had.

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Resident Evil Remake

I've been gaming for13 years.

#16 Posted by EricSmith (444 posts) -

Hmm. I can't, but if I were to narrow it down, it would probably be Goldeneye, Super Mario World, CoD4, NFL Blitz, or most likely, Chrono Trigger. Been gaming for ~21 years.

#17 Edited by Petiew (1366 posts) -

Final Fantasy IX.

Probably around 14 years.

#19 Posted by falserelic (5407 posts) -

Resident Evil Remake

This, and I'm a fan of the old-school RE games.

#21 Posted by csl316 (9748 posts) -

I made a top 20 list and reference it periodically. I hop between Super Mario World and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night as #1 (basically each time I play one or the other, it takes the top spot).

And I'm 27, been playing for 22.

#22 Posted by Animasta (14745 posts) -

yes, NieR.

#23 Posted by Turambar (6924 posts) -

Favorite is pretty easy: Final Fantasy 6. It's second favorite that's an all out brawl in my mind. Also about 20ish years.

#24 Posted by awesomeusername (4248 posts) -


Around 15 years. Maybe a little more. But this gen is when I actually got seriously into gaming. Pre-PS3, I just played whatever games my mom bought and thought had cool box arts. If I had to choose a favorite, it'd be something on PS3.

#25 Posted by Doskias (329 posts) -

I usually spend a lot of time defending this answer, and therefore don't always participate in these discussions, but Final Fantasy VIII. I know it doesn't have the best mechanics or narrative of the Final Fantasy series, but it just hit me at a place and time in my life where it was exactly what I needed to experience right then. And every time I go back to it, I don't see the flaws that everyone is so quick to point out - I just see everything I love about it.

I've been gaming ever sinceI was 4, and my older brother needed somebody to play Combat with on his Atari, so that'll be 24 years now. My gaming habit is old almost enough to save money on car insurance.

Also, it was a bitter fight between FF8, Beyond Good & Evil, and Solar Jetman. I probably don't need to tell you why Beyond Good & Evil is in my top three, and Solar Jetman on the NES is basically why I still play video games.

#26 Edited by CitizenCoffeeCake (688 posts) -

Yep, Super Mario World. Nostalgia, of course, plays into this fairly heavily. 23 years give or take.

#27 Posted by GTCknight (706 posts) -

Yes, been gaming all my life (I'm 24), and my favorite game Freespace: The Great War.

#28 Posted by Ryuku_Ryosake (219 posts) -

I have been playing game for like 18 years and the answer is easy for me.

Digimon World still remains to be the greatest game ever made.I just replayed it like a month ago and I still never get tired of it.

#29 Posted by DrFlapjack (261 posts) -

Yep, Super Mario World. Nostalgia, of course, plays into this fairly heavily. 23 years give or take.

Same, but I don't think nostalgia is as much of a factor for me. The controls are so tight and it's a game I can come back to again and again. I've been gaming for ~20 years.

#30 Edited by RobotSquad (225 posts) -

Yeah. It's just something you feel as you're playing a game. I played Persona 4 Golden last year (never having played a game in the series) and it was just an experience unlike any other. If I hadn't played that, The Last of Us would have been my favorite of all time.

I've been playing for about 20 years.

#31 Posted by Demoskinos (15286 posts) -

Yes, 25 years and Ninja Gaiden Black.

#32 Edited by Capum15 (5025 posts) -

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. It replaced Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction as my favorite.

And I have no idea how long I've been playing games. 15~ years would be a rather rough estimate.

#33 Edited by LackingSaint (1872 posts) -

Jak 2. I mean i'd definitely argue plenty of games being far BETTER, but that game just has such a special place in my heart. There's something about the combination of the tight controls, the compelling world, the fluidity of the gameplay and just a heaping helping of nostalgia that makes that game a damn stew of love for me.

Been gaming since I was fairly young, so around 15 years seems about right for how long exactly.

#34 Posted by Dooley (210 posts) -

Sure: FF7. 20 years.

#35 Posted by Vuud (2035 posts) -

I think its Empire Total War. Steam says I have 578 hours on it and no other game comes close. (except DOW2 which says 474 hours)

#36 Edited by ThePickle (4183 posts) -

Maybe. Super Smash Bros. Melee seems like the right answer for me.

And probably like 10 years.

#37 Posted by medacris (679 posts) -

Once I decide on a favorite game "of all time", I'm not leaving myself open for any game that might come after it and surpass it.

And that's all I want, really. I want games to keep raising the bar and impressing me, improving on themselves until I either die or at least become too hard of sight/hearing/my hands become too shaky to keep playing.

#38 Posted by AlecOfTheWest (290 posts) -

About 15 years. And San Andreas is without a doubt my favorite game. Hoping it will be surpassed on the 17th.

#41 Edited by Stonyman65 (2912 posts) -

I'm between a few right now. Depending on my mood, I would consider any one of these as "my favorite game of all time"

  • Super Mario All-Stars (SNES pack in version with Super Mario World)
  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (SNES version)
  • Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube version)
  • Resident Evil Remake (Gamecube)
  • Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (PC)
  • Fallout 2
  • Uncharted 2
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2 version)
  • Deus Ex (PC version)

I've been gaming since I was 3, so about 20 years now give or take.

Edit: For some reason I'm posting double messages on the the site today. Sorry if it gets posted twice.

#43 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3110 posts) -

Yes, Diablo 2.

#44 Posted by JadeGL (991 posts) -

30, been playing games for probably 26-27 of those.

Favorite game of all time, if I had to answer, is Super Mario Bros. 2. It's really hard though. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening almost usurps the spot, but I can always go back to SMB2 and have just as much fun with it as I did when I was younger.

Also, Peach FTW.

#45 Edited by TheCreamFilling (1203 posts) -

Halo 2. A lot of great memories with that game and it will undoubtedly hold up well in the times ahead due to it popularizing many shooter conventions we are used to these days.

I don't know how long I've been playing games. I'll just say ten years because I seriously got into them with the original Xbox.

#46 Posted by Aetheldod (3788 posts) -

Have many favs so no ... and I´ve probably been playing for around 26-27 years ... Im 31 so Im sure I didnt play for my first 3 years but in my house there was an intellevision before I was born.

But the one game I keep playing every year and multiple times is Half Life 2 ... so maybe Half Life 2

#47 Posted by spraynardtatum (3991 posts) -

Only if I'm allowed to have 2. GTA IV and Minecraft.

#48 Posted by Kodo_Beast (131 posts) -

Dota, by a fair margin. I'd rather call it my favorite game to date though.

~21 years.

#50 Posted by OneKillWonder_ (1870 posts) -

Yes, Half-Life 2 by far. I've been gaming since I was able hold a controller and comprehend what the buttons do, so for about 22 years.