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I have an Asus Eee netbook and it dose not run amazingly. Does anyone know any zombies games i can download 3rd or 1st person that has free roam. I have 1gb of ram.

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Maybe try Organ Trail? I'm not sure how it will run on your computer but the requirements are fairly low. It's not necessarily a free roam game but it is certainly fun and addictive.

There's also Project Zomboid. 1gb of ram might be a stretch for it but there is a free demo on Steam you can download to see if it runs well. It's only early access but there seems to be enough there for it to be worth the cost of entry.

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Minecraft maybe? It's open world, can be played in first or third person, and has zombies.

I know that's probably not the kinda game you were looking for but there's no way games like DayZ or State of Decay will run on that.

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Thanks already played Minecraft not as fun really. I'm Looking for a game a bit like DayZ but will run.

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You can try Killing Floor, the specs are pretty low, it runs of half life 2 engine if im not mistaken. Project Zomboid is an awesome game, you should check it out if you don't mind isometric view 2d

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