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So basically, related to my other posts, I mentioned that I was looking for a very good multimedia laptop no more than $1200. But ultimately, I really want to find reviews and videos on this specific laptop (link below). This is the only place where I managed to find any information about. Its the official HP website so duh...The theory that I came up with is that it's name must've changed and it can't be the fact that it is no longer available on markets since its a relatively new laptop. That could also be a another explanation.

It would be great if I got help with looking for information, videos etc... on this laptop since this is most probably Laptop A on my list.

So did anyone hear about this laptop? Does anyone own one? Thoughts?


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Not sure if I can help finding a lot of reviews on that laptop specifically, but here are the best sites to do laptop research (can't link; doing is on my iPad): Notebookcheck.net - They have doing laptop reviews down to a science. Extremely technical and detailed analysis of every aspect of a notebook. Notebookreview.com - Has a forum with a good, active community. You can go to the HP forum to ask about this particular laptop or go on their laptop suggestion section to find other laptops that might fill your needs.

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@Andorski: Thanks for the reply, both websites are really good and everything but none of them show the model above. Only the 2nd website does, but all it shows is the laptop's description (copied from official website) and its price...