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I synced up my new headset I got with Socom. However, when I get into games online I cant hear anything on the headset or talk threw it when its on. This is my first bluetooth headset so is there anything I an doing wrong?

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If you are having trouble with a headset after it is paired with the PS3, there are a few things to check first:

  • Make sure your headset battery is charged and working. Be aware that some brands/models will need to be paired again after each recharge. It's not a problem, it's just the way those models work.
  • Make sure your controller is charged. Lots of strange things happen when the controllers don't have enough power, like dropouts and headset interference.
  • The headset should be set as the input/output device from the XMB.
  • For Bluetooth users, make sure there are no other Bluetooth devices in use near your PS3. Also try to eliminate any other radio frequency interference if possible.
  • For USB users, make sure the connection is secure and there are no wire breaks.
  • Update your console to the current available firmware.

Source: http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=ps3&thread.id=898874
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Dude theres a reason you can't hear anybody on PSN....Cos nobody talks!

I have an idea though, you could bin your headset and buy a 360...everybody talks on live! its where its at!