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UPDATE : from joystiq, Capcom has clarified Elston's comments, saying that a new Mega Man game has not been confirmed. The company is having "ongoing discussions about Mega Man," but it "won't announce anything until something is ready."


no new details have been announced, just the fact that they have been listening to fans request and are developing a brand new mega man game, but is not fully ready to show it off yet.

oh and Mega Man 4 is coming to 3ds eshop on April 25 and Mega Man 5 is coming to 3ds eshop on May 16.

now if they would only do good by phoenix wright fans.......

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I'll believe it when I'm playing it. No, I'm not going nuts over cancelling Legends 3, but goddamnit I wanted that game.

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It's gonna get cancelled.

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It has become the mega fiasco not mega man anymore...

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@krullban said:

It's gonna get cancelled.

thus surprising everyone, everywhere

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Capcom is reaching Square Enix levels of announcing things. Half the time, it's like "well, we were thinking and we dunno. We got this thing and we might do it, but we got these others things and we might do those. This is kind of an announcement, but not really. More like a teaser for a potential announcement that we might actually do 20 years from now. I dunno, video gamez."

I don't even really care about Mega Man that much, but if they don't make a new game after this stunt, they done fucked up.

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I could go for a new mega man game I guess. If they actually do decide to make it.

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I have completely lost faith in Capcom too much to care.

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Part of me kinda hopes that with this new DuckTales remake Capcom gets WayForward to make a new Mega Man game.

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Whatever is made will end up being cancelled, so don't bother to get your hopes up.

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What if they take all the cancelled megaman games and just smash them together? Add some wrestling Wily action and you're gold

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Are they gonna stick with the John Goodman, one? They can't just say somethings' not canon all of sudden!.