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So, I was playing some Rogue Legacy. Game's all right, but what it really did was get me in the mood to play a real castle exploring platformer. So I went and downloaded SotN on XBLA and played it (for the first time). I really dig it for a few reasons, I think mostly the art design, music, and RPG aspects, while the actual gameplay could be tighter and the difficulty scaling seems a little too forgiving.

I know older Castlevanias were more platformy and less explorey, and I know that some newer Castlevanias just aren't as good. What are the best in the series that follow the same formula used in SotN?

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All the DS Castlevanias follow the same formula as SOTN. Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, and Order of Ecclesia. All great games.

I wish I could play SOTN again for the first time.

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I don't think you should write off Lords of Shadow. Many people hold it extremely high while still loving the older titles. I know that for me it's in my top 5 games of all time, it's that good.

But what you really need is a DS with all of the DS Castlevanias. Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, Order of Ecclesia. Then play the GBA ones: Circle of the Moon, Aria of Sorrow, Harmony of Dissonance. They all follow the same path of SotN while adding their own new features in. And they're all great.

Personally, my top three Castlevania games are Lords of Shadow, Circle of the Moon, and Aria of Sorrow.