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Might as well get Halo 4 since it's out next week.

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I'd say Halo. Got to wait a while for GTA

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GTA V because I've never owned an XBox and watching the 24 hour Halo marathon (currently halfway through part 7) has me convinced that I was truly underwhelmed by the series as a kid and wasn't just blinded by PS2 vs. XBox fanboyism.

Then again I also think FPS games are generally bland; the last times I can remember enjoying FPS games was Rare's N64 games, Turok 2, Call of Duty 2 on PC and Medal of Honor Underground on PS1.

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Halo 4, for reasons already stated. GTA V's not gonna be here for awhile, and you can always get money together for that before it comes out. Get Halo now, you'll actually have something to play.

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Neither. Give it away.

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Like others have said Halo 4 is coming out next week go with that.

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Halo 4! Though you should consider expanding your horizons.

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Halo 4. We don't know for certain when GTA5 is coming out - and it will likely be a while.

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halo 4 is in a week.

gta 5 is in months.

get halo 4 now, and gta 5 later.

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Halo 4 is out next week. GTA V is out in Lord knows when. Get the game that's coming out next week.

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Get me a copy of NFS Most Wanted, I'll love you long time.

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GTA 5 without a doubt. I don't know I tired out of the Halo franchise during the middle of Halo 3 haven't gone back since nor do I plan on it. It just seems boring to me now.

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@Clonedzero said:

get halo 4 now, and gta 5 later.

This. At the earliest, GTA V is at least six months out.

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GTA V seems more appealing to me, though you probably won't go wrong with Halo 4 if you like the franchise.

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GTAV isn't out until next summer, so may as well jump aboard the Halo wagon.

I know I will be.

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GTA is a time-consuming venture. Probably Halo is better if you're looking for a quick game & lot's of multiplayer use.

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Halo 4 looks absolutely amazing. Haven't seen diddly squat from GTA5.

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I've never enjoyed any of the halo games very much, tbh, so I gotta vote gta 5

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GTA V, but I'm only saying that because fuck Halo

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You want to wait 6-8 months for a new game? GTA V, otherwise, Halo.

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If you want to play a new Halo more, get a Halo.

If you want to play a new GTA more, get a GTA.

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GTAV got announced for spring 2013, but this is rockstar so that might as well be summer 2013 who knows.

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You can't flag polls? Or am I missing something? This thread can't have been made by a human being. Not with that title.

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Eat the coupon and absorb its value.

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Wait for reviews of Halo 4 before pre-ordering.

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I only give advice to hardcore gamers

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@Fattony12000: But dude.. Choices.

I'm more confident in Halo being a great game, than I am GTA5.

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@SargeGulp: Yeah, you're right, Rockstar don't know what they're doing. GTA the Fifth will be terrible.

If I'm gonna get real n shit, the only major consideration here is that GTA is months and months away. You can be playing Halo next week.

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@Fattony12000: I didn't like GTA4. Saints Row was a better GTA game this last go around.

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@dudeglove said:

Neither. Give it away.

To me.

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You could probably pick up Halo 4, play it for plenty of time, and have enough money to get Grand Theft Auto V by the time it rolls around.

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Why would you even want to go with Halo 4? It's probably going to have paid reviews and only last 2 months (if even) then feel outdated compared to most modern games and you'll get bored. Grand Theft Auto 5 however, has a really good track record and will last you a while with the replayability.

I say go with Grand Theft Auto cause Halo has proven itself not to be a great franchise to buy into and bad at lasting appeal. I've always felt there were better shooters than Halo, but it got a lot of attention because it was the only thing on xbox.

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While Halo looks about as much fun as the other Halo games (in other words: not very), get Halo. GTA V doesn't even have a release date yet.