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Dude, cheats haven't been in games for a long time. Maybe licensed games, but I can't think of anything else.

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No. Did all the time as a kid during the Mega Drive/ PSX era but I slowly started playing the games as I was supposed to early during my PS2 period. I learnt that playing is properly is simply more fun- although that may just be because I had the skill to beat them once I was older.

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I find myself no longer using any cheats in my game since it challenge me more and end up having more fun than if I were using cheats.

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Cheats still exist? I think thats what the moddings are for, nowadays.
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Cheat codes?  Dude, they don't even exist anymore (except for in some open world games like GTA and Saints Row).

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No, they disrupt my achievements.

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I never cheat anymore, don't see the fun in it.

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I used to mess around with them a lot in the PS1 era but very rarely up to now. Partially because they're almost non existant and partially because I like to play games for the challenge now (provided that the challenge is actually fun.) I still like to play around with cheats on PC games like Oblivion or some FPS but that aside I don't use them anymore.

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I'll be disappointed if Starcraft II doesn't have a good slew of cheat codes.  And you can be sure I'll use them to my great delight.

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In The Sims, yes.

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Cheat codes died alongside THPS.

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Of course!
Cheats provide a whole new dimension to experience games if you want to get more out of them.

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Cheat codes don't exist anymore, dude.

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I used to, not anymore since I like to finish the game without cheating. 
And I sometimes may use it in GTAIV outside of the story for fun but other than that...

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If I'm playing a game with cheat codes I'll activate them to have some fun, but I'll play through the main campaign/story/etc without them.

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Yeah, sometimes it's fun to screw around w/ cheats on.

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The last time I did was when I was just screwing around in GTA4 with my cousin long after beating the game. He had made some game where he'd spawn helicopters, then go to Algonquin and elevate to the highest altitude and then jump out and try to bounce off the sides of buildings. Ha, I don't know how exactly he got that bright idea, but it was fairly entertaining.

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Yes. Console commands are so fun to play around with, especially when replaying an RPG and want to skip to the best parts.

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no, not anymore. there isn't really any more cheat codes made for games. the only games that have cheat codes are open world ones.  a lot of them effect achievements and trophies now so i don't think a lot of people use them anymore.

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Not many games have cheat codes anymore...

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Sure I do. 
Not while finishing the game the first couple of times. 
But I do it with games like GTA and Saints Row 2 when I just wanna mess around with a bunch of stuff

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Uhhh the last ones I used were in GTA IV, I believe, and I haven't played that game since about a month after it came out. You really don't see them too often anymore, do you? Maybe in, like, games based on movies, or in sports games, but I don't really play any of those.  And any game that DOES have them that I play disables achievements when you use cheats, and rightly so. So, no, not in a long while.

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I used to use cheat codes in my games. However, they are much more fun without cheats. Not only this, you're basically punished for using cheats in some games by having stuff locked out, such as achievements.

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if you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin'

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I don't.  Generally, I'll only use cheats to "enhance" the game after I've beaten it.  Otherwise @Vinchenzo said:

" No, they disrupt my achievements. "
and, they have a nasty tendency to corrupt save files....
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@Ghostiet said:
" In The Sims, yes. "
And any other game which requires me to have lots of money just to buy clothes for my character.  I used them in Saint's Row 2 because I wanted better clothes than the bargain basement crap they gave me at the start.  I wanted to look good!  I used them in modded versions of the Sims 2 & 3, Oblivion and Fallout 3 to buy community-created clothes from community-created stores in the game.  I don't use them to make myself stronger, faster or better.  Just to look fabulous!
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I only use cheats after I've finished a game at least once. 
Normally in strategy games and GTA because they normally have some crazy things in the cheats. 
The Age of Empires games always had weird units in them you can only get by using cheats.
Plus in GTA sometimes I just want to load it up, give myself infinite rockets and go around blowing shit up. Thats part of the fun.

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Suddenly I miss my GameShark.

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I do on GTA sand box type games if I have it beaten and am just fooling around.  Other then that... no.

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When I'm playing old Genesis games, heck yeah.
 New things, nah