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As promised in my blog not long ago, here is a poll to decide my next JRPG. The time has come a lot sooner than I thought it would. I'm only 16 hours into Shadow Hearts, but it looks as though I'm near the end. It's shorter than I remember. As I strongly suspect I'll finish it on the weekend (maybe even a little before), I thought I'd put up the poll now. This will hopefully stop me from getting the itch to start another game in the meantime.

For this poll, I’ve decided to avoid the massively popular JRPGs. I thought I’d go with some more obscure ones this time. Each of them also has their own unique features. Here’s a brief description of them (story free). Feel free to look them up yourself, of course.

Wild Arms 3

Wild Arms 3 is a turn-based RPG in a wild-west setting. It has anime-style visuals (including some anime cut-scenes). It seems to focus heavily on exploration. I played it briefly a while back, but I stopped for a reason I can’t remember.

Front Mission 3

Front Mission 3 is a strategy RPG with mechs. The ability to buy mechs and upgrade them is a strong feature of the game. There’s also an interesting in-game Internet. I’ve played it before with some friends. We each took turns to play it (and eventually completed it). As there are two storylines to choose, I’ll go for the one I haven’t seen.

Dark Cloud

Dark Cloud is an RPG with real-time battles. It looks like you have to switch between party members during battle. It also seems to strongly focus on placing buildings in a village in order to restore it. I’ve owned the game for a while, but I’ve never got round to it. I’ve heard mixed things about it.


Koudelka is a turned-based RPG with a grid system. It’s the prequel to the Shadow Hearts games. It’s set in the late 19th century in the town of Aberystwyth, Wales (something I still find a bit crazy, being from Wales myself). It has the same horror theme as the later games.

I’ll go with whatever’s in the lead on Saturday (when I post my new blog entry). Thanks in advance to everyone who votes. If this ends up working, I’ll probably make it a semi-regular feature of my blog (I’m not insane enough to do this all the time...).

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Just curious, which story line in Front Mission 3 did you get the first time around?

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Valkyria Chronicles. Tehe.

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Dark Cloud you say?

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Lost Odyssey.

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@BPRJCTX said:

Lost Odyssey.

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A JRPG set in Aberystwyth? That's pretty odd.

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Koudelka, because I've heard of it, and nobody else has.

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I voted for Koudelka, as it is the one I enjoyed the most out of this list. Wasn't a big fan of Dark Cloud as I was part of the weapon deterioration hater camp, but I really liked the sequel Dark Chronicle...

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Wild Arms 3 the wild west is rad

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I voted Wild Arms if only for the funny running animations.

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also played wild arms and i think it is good but i think front mission 3 is the best! one of my old time favorite! =) still playing it up to now