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I'm not asking what game is the best. I'm asking what game you would play first, be it for the first time, or just to revisit some old (better?) times.

When making the list for this year (check out the other polls for 939495969798 and 99) I just keep shaking my head out of sheer Ican'tbelieveI'mputtingthesedown. Here we have the start of the popularity of the SCUMM engine, Mario Kart, 3D engines, the ESRB, and MORTAL KOMBAT. Crazy to think how many things are still being used in the modern day, 20+ years later. Stoked to be living in these times.

My personal choice is a realllll close toss up between Mario Kart (I've spent many many many hours on this) and Mortal Kombat just because it's straight up fun. But I'm going to have to give it to Mario Kart. Can't get rid of that feel good music!

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Final Fantasy V is my favorite game in the series. The Job system is amazing.

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Man. Fate of Atlantis or MK...

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Ultima VII was such a good game. Granted I haven't fully played though it until recently. Still really fun though.

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Sonic 2 has the best level design in Sonic history. Sure, Sonic 1 doesn't have Tails, and Sonic 3 & Knuckles have a bunch of awesome features, but Sonic 2's levels are just all awesome.

It's what I voted for, but I didn't feel amazing about it, either.

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Gotta go with Sonic 2. My earliest memories of gaming were my dad waking me back up after my mom went to bed so him and I could play Sonic 2 and Street fighter 2 on Genesis.

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Super Mario Kart is the correct answer.

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Vullphenshtein 3D

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It would have been Sonic 2 for me.

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Dune II. That game made me wanna play strategy games.

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Hmmm, tough choice between Dune 2 and Star Control 2...

Dune 2 did indeed effectively spawn my favorite genre- but I couldn't resist voting for Star Control 2, since its the more memorable of the two in my experience. :P

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I chose Fate of Atlantis. Of all those games it's one I would replay right now. I love Indiana Jones and I remember the game being extremely interesting, with the different paths you could take and all, but I've forgotten most of the little details. In fact, I wanna play most old school adventure games, I think they hold up incredibly well mainly because of their story lines, which i think were way more developed than what we usually find nowadays.

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As much as I love Wolfenstein 3D, I'm going to have to choose Sonic 2.

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Sonic 2. If I had it in front of me right now, I would probably be playing it.

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Sonic 2

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the original SMT is rough as hell, so sonic 2

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Super Mario Kart for me, I love that game.

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@Paul_Is_Drunk said:

Where the heck is Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past?

C'mon, man.

That's option S. Oh, and I chose Super Mario Kart because I hadn't seen this post yet. Damn you Dietrich!

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Ecco the muthafuckin dolphin!!

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This poll is a traveshamockery due to the lack of LTTP.

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@Marino: Yeah...I've already expressed my displeasure in the the GB irc quakechat....almost as bad as excluding a couple games greg K told me about ... 
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I liked Sonic 2 a lot.. but I loved Super Mario Kart, so that's what I picked.

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As soon as I saw Super Mario Kart I wanted to play it.

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Streets of Rage 2 because that's a game I already revisit often.

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I'm gonna go with Super Mario Land 2, but my vote is kinda null and void since I was only born in the March of the year in question.

Ignoring that I did spend a fair bit of my formative years playing the game in question though

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Super Mario Land 2 for giving us the gift of Wario.

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Super Mario Kart, I can still remember the first time I played it.

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Had FFV been released over here back on the SNES, I would have been super excited to play it day one.

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Sonic 2 was my jam! I would've voted for MK but those home ports were a mess.

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Dune II was soooo incredible! I loved that game so much. Next in line: Wolfenstein 3D and then Mortal Kombat.

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So...who was the one that voted for Night Trap?

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I have never really played a Final Fantasy game but would like to, so it gets my vote.

I loved Super Mario Kart and Kirby's Dreamland though.

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Definitely Fate of Atlantis. Easily one of my favourite adventure games.

edit: Dolphins and porpoises are in the same order (cetacea), but they aren't synonymous; also, Wolfenstein 3D was preceded by both Hovertank and Catacombs 3-D.

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Wolfenstein 3D, with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 as a close second.

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I definitely spent more time with Street Fighter II than any of those other games, but my vote still went to Fate of Atlantis simply for the nostalgic value.

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Fate of Atlantis, which was one of the first games I ever purchased with money I earned. Still one of the best adventure games made and the one I've replayed the most since.

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I chose Wolfenstein 3D simply because back in 92 I thrashed that game like mad.

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I had a hard time choosing between Wolfenstein 3D and Dune II, both pretty damn important (as were a lot of games released in 1992 of course - it's doubtful the survival horror genre would look as it does now if it wasn't for Alone in the Dark), but being a fan of both FPSes and RTS games, the former two are the most important to me. I went with Wolfenstein 3D because it actually still holds up as an FPS - the controls and level designs, while simple, still holds up really well. The same can't be said for Dune II - while you can see what it tried to do and how it influenced the genre, the controls are just too limited to be enjoyable today (like the inability to select multiple units at once, or having to click interface buttons to order units around rather than having keyboard shortcuts like C&C and WarCraft).

Most of the other games in the list, while great, are sequels or just do something that has been done before but refining it, Wolfenstein 3D, Dune II and Alone in the Dark - while not the very first in their genres had much more impact on the games to follow.

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A Link to the Past is the only answer to this.

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