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Everytime I do one of these polls (97, 98, 99), I just look back at the roots of our pastime. Where would we be without even one of these games?  Take out something as 'trivial' as the Marathon series, and we don't get anything Halo related. Something as bizarrely titled as Star Ocean? Enix doesn't become as prominent as it does, the SquareEnix as we know it doesn't exist...which may or may not be a better thing. 
I personally went for Super Mario RPG. I'm a sucker for it. Those guys know how to push my buttons when it comes to cornyawesome games able to look back on themselves and chuckle a bit.
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It was a hard decision between Quake and Warcraft II, but I went with Quake, cause it still plays so great.
Still to this day.

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Super Mario 64, for sure. Infact, I could chose to revisit it right now, because I still own a copy.

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Where the shit is Fire Emblem 4? How can you have Star Ocean on there and not Fire Emblem 4? *sigh* Out of these, Star Ocean would be my choice, since it's one of those games I wish I could remember.

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Super Mario RPG. 

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@Video_Game_King: Well, Fire Emblem 4 STILL hasn't been released in America, while Star Ocean eventually saw a release. That said, it does seem silly. 
Went for SMRPG myself as well, though SM64 is a close second. Was too young to be playing a lot of those other games at that point, but those two games were a big part of my childhood.
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Aww I'm in the minority here. :( 
"That was too close; you were almost a Jill sandvich" 

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All games age. Except for id Games. You can still play Wolf3D or Doom or Quake (single player or MP) today and still have a blast. The gameplay is timeless.

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Tough choice between Resident Evil and Quake. Went with RE though since I miss its old greatness and played enough Quake for several lives.

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Right now, I'd be more worried about Shin Monshou no Nazo getting a release. After all, once that's out of the way, they can port Seisen no Keifu to the 3DS. Wait, that would be a bad idea. What the hell would Fire Emblem 4 get from it? More physical depth to the meteors that crush Sigurd and his army? A bird's eye view of each battle?
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I gotta throw down MechWarrior 2. I didn't play it much when it first came out, but around 2003 or 4, I played a boatload of it and loved the hell out of it.

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Super Mario RPG, hands down. In the words of Brad Shoemaker, "that's a good ASS game."

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Resident Evil.

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Almost went with Duke 3D but ended up choosing Resident Evil.

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Crash bandicoot was the shit

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Red Alert. So many great memories with that game.

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Super Mario 64, still play it to this day.

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Probably one of the hardest one of these I've seen. 1996 was a great year for gaming and I have many memories from those games. 
I went with Duke Nukem 3D though, seeing as it's a game that still makes me laugh.

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Other: Diablo 1 - Why that's not an option I'll never know.

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Super Mario RPG is the correct answer. 

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Thankfully there were no bears in the original Red Alert.

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Resident Evil.

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This is a tough one. So many good memories from most of those games. 
I'd have to go with SW: Shadows of the Empire. It probably isn't the best game on the list but being a Star Wars nut I probably loved it more it more than I should of.

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Super Mario RPG; it's a top 10 game of all time.

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@Video_Game_King said:

@Little_Socrates:   Right now, I'd be more worried about Shin Monshou no Nazo getting a release. After all, once that's out of the way, they can port Seisen no Keifu to the 3DS. Wait, that would be a bad idea. What the hell would Fire Emblem 4 get from it? More physical depth to the meteors that crush Sigurd and his army? A bird's eye view of each battle?

People to play it that don't want to go through the hassle of patching roms would be my guess.
Also Super Mario RPG, easily.
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Tough choice between Duke and Crash Bandicoot, but I went with Crash Bandicoot.

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That's not a lot. Besides, I was more focused on what the 3DS in particular would add to the game, not just a Western release.
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I wanted to say Duke, but putting myself back in the '96 mindset, Quake was mindblowing, and '96 era me would probably load that up first. 

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@Video_Game_King: Probably nothing, though where else would it ever get a rerelease in the near future.
#31 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -
I'd hope for a Project Cafe release.
#32 Posted by Matthew (2144 posts) -
@Elyhaym: The wiki says it came out on Jan. 2nd, 1997...
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I have never played Super Mario RPG, and I would probably enjoy it more in 1996 than I would now.

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Lots of great games, but for me, Red Alert hands down. One of the best games of all time.

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Almost touched the button for Resident Evil, but I played Crash for sooo long and enjoyed it immensely, far more than any of the others on this list. I even played through it a couple of years ago and I think it still stands up as a great platformer!

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Mario RPG.  Still my favorite JRPG ever, and given where the genre is going, that is most likely never going to change.

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Super Mario 64.

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Resident Evil

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@AuthenticM said:
Lots of great games, but for me, Red Alert hands down. One of the best games of all time.
Damn, I voted for Crash Bandicoot, but really this was all I was playing in 1996. I totally forgot about it.  
So many left clicks!!!
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Mario 64 and Mario RPG came out the same year?  Never realized that.

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Out of all those games, I'd rather replay Crash Bandicoot most.

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Probably gotta go with Wave Race 64, mind you I didn't play it until 97 when it was released in PAL territories. Wave Race 64 provided a tonne of multiplayer fun at the time.

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Can't remember games that came from 96 so maybe there's one that I would play over the one I chose, but from the list I chose Quake.

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@Elyhaym said:
@Matthew: Not according to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diablo_(video_game)
Damn kid, you're right. I clicked your link, saw it said 96, then refused to believe my beloved GiantBomb is fallible. So I check out the release tab of the Diablo page, and it said Jan 2 of 97, so I was thinking the wikipedia people were just being retards. But then I figured, hey, both of these sources are just 2nd hand information, what people thought actually happened - why not go to the source? 
http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/games/legacy/ - scroll down to the bottom. 
So yup, you're right, I'm wrong. 
Releasing on New Years Eve?  Yeah, sounds like something only Blizzard would do. 
BUT - I made a previous poll of this type - 1997 ed., where Diablo is listed first in the choices. 400 people voted, 8.5% chose it. 34 people would choose to stay awhile and listen.
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I went with Warcraft 2. I probably spent the most time playing that one anyways.

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Warcraft 2 definitely. That was one of the first RTS games I ever played and I really enjoyed it.

#48 Posted by ChickenPants (931 posts) -

Diablo easily.
Pretty sure that the Blizzard page is wrong. It's didn't release on New Year's Eve. It was released on the 30th of November in the US and January 2nd in Europe.

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Super Mario 64 is the best game ever made as far as i am concerned so... yeah.

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Man what the fuck? Warcraft 2 gets so little love? Really? Warcraft existed (and was good) long before World of Warcraft. Bah! 
But if I had to choose a game I would prefer to play today, it would probably also be Mario 64. I love Warcraft 2, but that locked resolution of 640x480 is killer and makes the game seem unplayable today with such a limited view range.