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I can always play some Unreal.

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HALF LIFE Without a doubt, that game was Amazing.

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Always Half-Life...always. I still play through the game from time to time, although Metro 2033 may replace it as my "I'm bored, time to play a good 'ol narrative vidja-game" game.

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You know, I never got the chance to play Grim Fandango, so that would be my choice.  Ditto for Baldur's Gate, and Thief, but Grim seems to ooze character, so I would roll with that.

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Banjo Kazooie you fuck

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Metal Gear Solid. Always.

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Metal Gear Solid

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Zelda and MGS.  Funny thing, I've never owned a sony console and I've played through MGS1 and MGS2.

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I still play StarCraft... does that still count as revisiting? :3

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Metal Gear Solid. Easily. 

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For me it has to be half-life since its a game that I still play. Though ive played all of the other games on the list I havent played a lot of them.

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Dungeon Keeper (1997 most places) but hey ho.Hey, no love for Thief?

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I'm a huge MGS fan, but I have to go with Half Life. It was my first ever FPS game and it still plays brilliantly. 
Actually, I think I would choose the PSX version of Tekken 3 over all of those.

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Thats pretty hard to choose but MGS, Resident Evil 2 from the list.

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I wasn't as informed on video games then as I am today so I played different stuff and I have different memories than most gamers.  Here are the top games I'd honestly like to go back and play or would have been playing back in 1998... all N64 games. 
4. Mario Party 
3. BattleTanx 
2. Vigilante 8 
1. Star Wars Rogue Squadron 
I was a total fucking Star Wars nut back then and I played the shit out of Rogue Squadron.  I know that game only had like 12 missions, but to this day I remember playing them over and over.  Seriously I probably put as much time into this game as I did Oblivion or Fallout 3.
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Which would I choose to play today?  Grim Fandango.  It's probably the only one on that list that hasn't been improved upon in its genre.
Rainbow Six came out in '98 and that was incredible.  Somebody should bring back that Kit-Out / Plan / Execute structure - I loved that.  The end of ME2 kinda reminded me of that a little bit.

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Pokemon, gotta catch 'em, gotta catch 'em all, POKEMON!!!!

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man we all talk about how we are spoilt these days with quality releases, how we were spoilt back then, this was a super hard choice.

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picked Falllout 2 because its the right thing to do...but i was playing Half Life, MGS and Unreal like everyone else

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Half Life. I can still play it and have a great time.

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Its a tough choice between MGS and Half life, very tough 

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I have a current MGS save file on my PS3, I love it. 1998 was pretty awesome though.

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i love re2, but gotta give it to OOT

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Starcraft was my game back then and has become my favorite of all time, can't wait for 2.

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You know what else came out in '98:

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I'm gonna go for a game I loved as a 10 year old - Theif. Even though I loved OoT very much too.

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@xyzygy said:
" I'm gonna go for a game I loved as a 10 year old - Theif. Even though I loved OoT very much too. "
Man, I felt like a smarty-pants when I played Thief in college. You must have been one patient 10 year old.
Thief is pretty much my favorite game of all time. I've never felt as immersed and like I was truly in another place than this game. It also spoiled me on stealth - pretty much any game that has a radar or is in 3rd person is cheating compared to Thief. The way you tell if someone (or something... ) is coming is that you sit and listen, or peek quickly around a corner. And the atmosphere is amazing.
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Half life for sure. Gordon Freeman is the man

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I can't believe you missed out both Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped AND Pokemon Red/Blue. Although I'm actually kinda glad you missed them out - now I can just click "Other" and be happy with my decision. Those are two of my favourite games of all time and I'd never be able to choose between the two.

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I can't even vote at this point.  I have played and love all of them.  I would easily put MGS, Half Life, Ocarina, Starcraft and Resident Evil 2 in their without a doubt.

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Zelda babay!!

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Metal Gear for sure.

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Pokémon for me.

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MGS, half-life or unreal. I voted for Unreal because I knew it wouldn't have as many votes.

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Half-Life. Don't get me wrong, Grim Fandango is amazing, Ocarina of Time is amazing, and I love Fallout 2 to death. But Half-Life is one of the best games ever. 

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Half-Life and Pokemon Blue. I revisited HL not 2 years ago, I'd like to play some Blue again too.

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Pokémon Red/Blue. I can still play those games today, which kind of speaks for their quality.

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Only one of these games was dynamic enough to accomodate me as my gaming tastes matured and evolved.. Starcraft! From playing it as a 12 year old enjoying cheating against coms with nukes, to being a 20 year old freshman competing against Koreans on WGT (and failing for the most part), we've seen some great times together.

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Wow, I forgot how many excellent games came out in 1998.   
Tough choice - also compared to what I played then and what I would choose now in 2011. 

Radiant Silvergun  also came out! (Now I haven't played it myself yet, but I hear people like it. Waiting patiently for the XBLA release! :)
Here's a somewhat full list from Wikipedia: 

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man, i miss playing grim fandango!
I wish LucasArts still made those types of point-and-click adventure games

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I find the lack of MediEvil on that poll disturbing.

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Half Life, Pokemon Blue, and Ocarina of Time where where it was at for me. '98 was a damn good year.