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So it's that time of the year again, Christmas is right a round the corner just waiting to punch you in the face! =)

So I ask you, what are you looking forward too?

Do people, besides maybe little kids, still care about presents? I know I don't really anymore, mostly because I've probably grown out of it? I mean I stopped caring really about getting things years ago. I like just spending time with my family.

I would never really ask anyone to buy me games, because they're 60$ and I would feel bad due to price. My dad asked me to email him my Christmas list and I legitimately got nothing. I can't think of anything.

Anyhoo...what are you guys looking forward too or do you just want to see your parents?

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i like presents.

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My parents are going out of town, actually, and I'm working through the holiday since my boss and cohorts are taking their vacations right now.

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Having time off to play all the video games that came out in November.

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I'm working so I only get the weekend off so nothing since I'll be alone this year.

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I have 3 weeks off of work (Dec.16 - Jan. 9). Going to try and catch up on games, movies and hang out with friends.

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Awe everyone is either alone or working.

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I tend to ask for small presents that don't cost huge amounts of cash. Blu-rays for one are considerably cheaper these days and are something the entire family enjoys watching, and since I'm currently mainly a PC gamer games tend to be a bit more reasonably priced in terms of presents.

This year though I've decided that I'm fed up of wireless keyboards and mice(mostly due to the low grade quality of the KB+M that I currently have and the extra drain on my wallet every couple of months with my mouse batteries dying quite rapidly. And also that the software that came with my KB+M combo isn't compatible with Windows 7 so I can't fiddle with the settings for them, they're now just plug and play. overall, I've just had enough of them.)

I specifically made it a point that I'd like the microsoft X4 keyboard and the Logitech MX518 mouse, both are very nice pieces of pc gaming kit and aren't overly gadgety, the keyboard is more complex than your bargain basement keyboard and has the useful function of lighting each of the keyboard keys for those weekends where I'm going to stay up for a considerable amount of the night playing a game, watching a video etc and don't want to have to have the big lights on in order to see what I'm pressing.

The mouse because, well I went into the reason I wanted another one earlier, so that's one reason but the other is that it's a lot more accurate, I can fiddle with the DPI sensitivity and customise what some of the extra buttons do on the mouse. (Hopefully I'll actually use them.)

Oh and a mouse mat that also has a warming cover over, connected to the PC via a USB port to keep your mouse hand warm. For some reason my mouse hand gets really cold when I play games for longer periods of time.

These were only asked for though due to my family saying they would feel terrible if I got them something and they didn't get me anything in return at Christmas.

The gift of giving is in the sharing of the giving experience. Sappy I know but the truly family/love focused things usually are.

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I love Christmas. All my friends have returned home from college so hopefully we can do some cool shit.

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I love Christmas time but I'm not really sure why. I don't ask people for presents anymore unless it's something small like a CD or a few Magic cards or something, and my parent is the last person I want to see. I guess it's just fuzzy childhood nostalgia. Although this year I'm heading over to my girlfriend's house to meet her intimidatingly massive Irish/Catholic family, open presents, sing carols, eat dinner and whatnot. Should be fun, I hope. Following that, she and I are headed out to Colorado for a little R & R. Gotta love that Christmas break time

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Christmas is a horrible time of year, a lot of stress, a lot of money spent on presents that nobody cares about, also having to spend time with family, I hate christmas.

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I am looking forward to beasting twice... maybe even three times as much as normal. BEAST!

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I am getting many games for christmas

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When I was a kid my parents used to buy me clothes they wished I'd want to wear. Nowadays I get like an ornament or something. All I want is somebody to pay for all my kids' sports activities, that'd work.

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I love Christmas, because I really enjoy giving presents for people, but I've gotten to the point where I don't really want anything. I think it's age related, when you legitimately think that receiving some new socks and underwear would be pretty cool.

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it's good to see uncles, relatives. i'm probably going to be getting clothing for represents.

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I love Christmas! Everything about this time is pretty awesome. Also, wow some of you guys are depressing as hell. Cheer up its christmas

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I love presents, however as I've grown older have come to appreciate giving rather than getting. I've also come to appreciate spending time with family. Super excited for my little brother who's getting an Xbox 360. The last year he's asked to come over to my place and play mine a handful of times and has been dropping hints for a while he wanted one.

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I'm at that stage where I just buy anything I really want, so it's mostly about spending time with my family. I got the weekend off and Monday, Tuesday.

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@SpaceRunaway: I hear that man

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Not many gifts uner the tree right now because of money issues. Maybe 2 for each of us (me,sis,mom) At least I have xmas off. 

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I love Christmas. I know other atheists are uptight about it and i can appreciate their issues with it, but it long ago became a secular holiday and if you can't dig a holiday that is all about winter weather, snow, holiday jingles, decorations, good food, family, bright-eyed kids, and people giving each other gifts . . . then there is something wrong with you. It's even better when you become an adult, because you get to give stuff to other people (and you don't really want for anything, because if you wanted something very bad, you'd already have bought it for yourself).
That said, I don't do anything for the holidays. I live half a country away from my home town and my family and friends and I tend to spend the holidays working, out of preference. I telecommute, but it's still working. Anyway, my family is becoming smaller all the time. Everyone used to come for a family christmas at my grandparents, when my grandfather was alive. That was a decade ago. Now I'll be far away (like every year) and at best it'll be my mom, grandmother, brother and maybe our sister and her fiance. Myself? I'll be waking up at around 4pm. Logging into work. Putting on some tea and maybe having a cup of oatmeal or chili or something while I'm working, ending my shift at about 6am, then going to bed. Same for New Years.
Funny thing about Christmas, though. When you grow up, you start to look back at your childhood and think about all the crap you got for christmas and how stupid and meaningless it all was. I mean, at the time, they were things you just absolutely needed to have. But they were just dumb as fuck. Action figures or board games or devices or any other number of things. And all you cared about was whether or not you'd get any of it. As an adult, you look back and think about how much your parents sacrificed to get you whatever they were able to on the holidays. Especially if they weren't big wigs or didn't have some fancy job that maybe you and I have today. Maybe they were a waitress or a boiler maker. They worked hard to get by. And you didn't go wanting for anything - even during the holidays. All those extra hours they put in or all those extra things they could have done for themselves, but they wanted to give you and your siblings holidays you'd always remember and they didn't want you to grow up feeling like you'd been short-changed and they had somehow failed (which is ironic, because when you grow up, you appreciate all of it and acknowledge that even if they couldn't have done anything you would have been just as appreciative in retrospect).
When you grow up, Christmas is a great opportunity to do two things: Focus on kids for a day. Kids don't get much of that anymore. Life is rough and it's rougher as you age. Kids deal with divorces and bullies and school and troubled families and all sorts of worries of every sort. We like to talk about how spoiled they are, but other than their birthday, Christmas is the only time they really get to be a focus of everyone's attention. The other thing is - your parents. Christmas is a fantastic time to pay your parents back for everything they ever did for you. And... as you get older, you start to worry about your parents happiness and well being just as much as they worried about yours.
Anyway, here's one of my favorite Christmas songs:

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I still care about presents... Why wouldn't I care about free stuff?!

But with that said, it is mainly to relax and spend some time with the family.

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Fuck presents, let me buy what I want. I don't mind not getting the game I want as long as I get...

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I love Christmas time. In my family it's not about the presents (we don't do that shit) it's about spending time together. Just watch some Christmas movies, eat dinner, all that good stuff.

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@Branthog: Great post.

I love christmas! I wish it could be christmas all the time.

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@The_Laughing_Man said:

Not many gifts uner the tree right now because of money issues. Maybe 2 for each of us (me,sis,mom) At least I have xmas off. 

Yo, dawg. I heard you like Christmas. So, I put some Christmas in your Christmas.
I know it's not much, but check your inbox for an annual WM premium subscription code. Have a good holiday and hope 2012 is better for all.
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Christmas time with my family means people binge drinking to excess & making incredible asses out of themselves. It's the perfect reminder every year that sobriety isn't so bad.

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@Branthog said:
@The_Laughing_Man said:

Not many gifts uner the tree right now because of money issues. Maybe 2 for each of us (me,sis,mom) At least I have xmas off. 

Yo, dawg. I heard you like Christmas. So, I put some Christmas in your Christmas.  I know it's not much, but check your inbox for an annual WM premium subscription code. Have a good holiday and hope 2012 is better for all.
Like I said in the private message thanks dude. 
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I'm in a never ending feud with my sister and she just so happens to be hosting Christmas shit this year, so I decided to skip the festivities. I must say, not buying anything or worrying about meeting up with everyone is liberating.