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this is very, very cool

#52 Posted by GS_Dan (1433 posts) -

I've been using this for the last few days and it's really well thought out. Thanks a bunch for making it, duder.

#53 Posted by mak_wikus (644 posts) -

Just got the update notification. Great changes, everything works as it should. The only complaint is the GB Bumper sound. It's too quiet compared to the other ones.

Great job, keep it up!

#54 Posted by Xanadu (664 posts) -

This is totally awesome duder! Thanks for your work on this :)

#55 Posted by andmm (221 posts) -

@xanadu: Np man :)

@mak_wikus said:

Just got the update notification. Great changes, everything works as it should. The only complaint is the GB Bumper sound. It's too quiet compared to the other ones.

Great job, keep it up!

Yup, turns out it's really difficult to get a very good sample from the video and get all the levels right. I doubled the volume from the bumper and it'll be on the next update, hopefully that will be enough.

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This is super cool.

I posted a bug on the google extension support page thingy although I'm not sure it's a bug, more just a request to make the extension even more awesome.

#60 Posted by beepmachine (631 posts) -

This is amazing duder, fantastic work. I just installed it so I haven't seen it in action yet, but it sure is handy. I think there's a couple things you could do to make the UI look a little nicer (like removing the border if that's possible and using a slab serif for the video title like the site), but the only things that seemed off to me was that the light theme is possibly a bit too dark, and the volume of the bumper notification, which you already addressed. So basically, you rock!

#61 Posted by andmm (221 posts) -

@beepmachine: Thanks for the feedback duder! Regarding the border, there's nothing I can do there. That is as low as I can go and every chrome popup extension have that border. You are totally right about the light theme, it was kind of an afterthought to begin with and it looks half assed compared to the dark theme. I'll work on it when I have the time. :)

@panpipe: Not really a bug, more like an oversight on my part since I don't have any high DPI monitors around to test. Are you up for some testing? If so, PM me so you can have access to the dev build. I don't really know where I'm supposed to put a higher dpi version of the icon since the extension is pulling that from a simple line in the manifest file but I'm assuming it works like a favicon. Gonna need your help on this one.

I pushed a minor 1.2.1 update that includes the new bumper sound (which still sucks TBH) and a fix for a minor schedule bug. I've been busy lately and really didn't have the time to work on the extension. I've also been working on a second chrome extension for my personal use, some Chrome UX improvement and not gb-related, and that is taking a lot of my spare time for now. That and South Park :P

Still, I'll keep improving the code until the API comes around.

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For HiDPI screens, you just need to include a double-sized version of the icon as well, where in this case double is that of a 38px icon, so you want a 76x76px icon. In your manifest, create a dictionary for both "19" and "38" with "38" having the retina icon:

"browser_action": {
"default_icon": {
"19": "icon19x19.png",
"38": "icon76x76.png"
} }

It's pretty straight forward. I'd definitely suggest doing this because as it stands, the current icon is nearly illegible on my Retina Macbook Pro screen.

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Version 1.2.3 is up.

  • All sounds should be working now

I'll start working on version 1.3 which should bring some nice improvements and a new feature :)

#64 Posted by Andorski (5469 posts) -

Is this extension still working? It's currently not listing any upcoming videos for me even though the site does.

#65 Edited by Chaser324 (7188 posts) -

@andorski: It looks like the recent server move may have broken it. The new servers appear to be redirecting the extension's YQL queries. It may need to be adapted to use a YQL query more like this one or use an alternate scraping method. (cc @andmm)

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Sorry guys, as Chaser mentioned recent changes to the site broke the extension.

Good news is, @mrpibb is now handling the API stuff that I need so this should fix pretty much every issue with the extension and give me some room to work on improvements and the Firefox port.

For now I recommend using Chris Harris's Java app and I'll give you guys a heads up once it's working again.

#67 Posted by HammondofTexas (1158 posts) -

@andmm Noticed this morning that the extension is now working again!

#68 Posted by andmm (221 posts) -

@hammondoftexas: Yeah! We gotta thank @mrpibb for that. He's also in the process of finishing the API so expect an update coming, hopefully with some big improvements :).

Also, just to let you guys know that the extension is open source:


If anyone wanna contribute or fork it, feel free to do it :)

I might push a quick update to fix some OSX issues but we'll see.

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As some of you may or may not know, @mrpibb removed the server's exception for YQL which once again broke this. This extension and YQL were basically doing a DDoS on Giant Bomb and crashing the site. There's a new version where I removed all of the YQL stuff that is currently awaiting @andmm to merge and release.

#70 Posted by andmm (221 posts) -

I published the new version on the chrome store so it should update for you guys shortly.

After the accidental "DDoS" there's no other option other than getting rid of YQL, which is a good thing. Chaser provided an alternate version that seems to be working fine so far although it is still largely untested. Please let us know of any bug you come across.

#71 Edited by andmm (221 posts) -

Version 1.2.6 Release:

  • Fixed wrong time zone issue
  • New way of displaying the date
  • New notification sound "Small Business Man"
  • Removed the save button, now changes are saved automatically
  • Minor fixes

Hey users!

Schedule is nowfully functional so you should get the same date you get from the site. But instead of just displaying the raw date I'm doing a bit of filtering to make it easier to read:

Showing the remaining time for the event and an easier to read date

Thanks to great @hamst3r we have a new notification sound about the illusive small business man. It's from this music video here in case you missed it.

I got rid of the save button and did some minor fixes. Users with HDPI monitors should be seeing an improved version of the icon instead of a blurry mess, if you're not then drop me a message. Also improved the popup border for OSX users, should look decent now.

Still no filters and light theme is a wip (pretty much broken on osx) but everything else should work fine.

As always, let me know if you guys find any bugs or weird behavior. I appreciate the feedback :)

#72 Posted by GS_Dan (1433 posts) -

@andmm: Small business man mode activated! Very cool.

One thing I've noticed is that clicking the icon when the app window is open refreshes the window rather than closing it. Is that expected behaviour?

#73 Posted by andmm (221 posts) -

@gs_dan: Not really. You mean clicking the extension icon when the popup is open refreshes the webpage you're on? or does it refresh the popup? I'm on Windows 7 here and neither of those cases are happening fo me. What's your OS?

#74 Posted by expensiveham (320 posts) -

Is it just me or is the audio quality on the GB Bumper really low?

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@expensiveham said:

Is it just me or is the audio quality on the GB Bumper really low?

Seems like it. Also, it's the only usable sound since the other ones are suuuuuuuuper loooooooooong.

But other than that, the extension works like a dream. Thanks and keep it up, duder! :D

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@gs_dan: I'm pretty sure that's expected behavior. Clicking on the icon is only intended to open the extension, clicking elsewhere dismisses the extension's window. Every extension that I'm aware of behaves like that.

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i saw that too, i wonder what happened. anyways, if the person who made the extension is reading this, thank you for what you made.

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@fattony12000: Yeah, I think I know what led to his moderation. Still sad none the less.

#80 Posted by AMyggen (5058 posts) -

@neonbear: You just have to read his last few posts to get a good idea of what happened.

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@slindz: And I'm sure plenty of those got banned too. If you're not banning people for those kinds of comments you might as well just not have rules.

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@amyggen: mostly suspended, permanent banning seems really harsh given what he said.

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Moderation is a private matter, so we would prefer that the circumstances of any and all moderation actions not be discussed publicly on the forums. If you take issue with some moderator action, feel free to contact the mods via PM or e-mail at giantbombmods@gmail.com. If you feel there is an issue with a particular mod, feel free to contact Rorie via PM or e-mail at support@giantbomb.com. A reminder on our official policy in the forum rules:

Posting negative threads or comments about moderators or staff members: If you have a problem with a mod decision, send the mods a PM asking for more information. If you have an issue with a specific mod, contact our community manager Rorie. If you create threads encouraging people to complain about mods or members of staff, they will be removed and your account may be subject to moderation.

Also, please understand that we never take actions such as a permanent ban lightly. We try to give users every opportunity to avoid a ban, and we only issue bans after lengthy discussions on the matter.

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Seeing as the user in question is now using his Chrome extension to spread shit about us, and this thread has now devolved into speculating as to the circumstances of his ban, I'm going to go ahead and lock it up.

I'd like to reiterate what Chaser said: This ban was the result of a lengthy private conversation that took place over several days. If anyone has any concerns regarding the way the site is moderated they are welcome to contact a member of staff.