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Yes, on the DS, but I never finished it. I wish I'd realized it was short-ish compared to most JRPGs, though. Now I'm a lot more motivated.

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Yes, multiple times. Three times on the SNES, two times on the PSX. I freaking love that game.

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I thought this poll might be relevant, given all the recent Endurance Run discussion.

I originally played the game back on the SNES. I've still got the cartridge back at my parents' house, but I'm not even sure if the battery still works. The DS version is a pretty fine substitute, though.

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I know of the game but I haven't played it 'cause I'm a PC guy.

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Nope! But now I'll never have to!

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Yeah, on the PS1, unfortunately. Botched load times aside, I found it pretty underwhelming.

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Picked it up for $50 on the SNES a few years ago and was blown away. And I thought I hated Japanese RPGs now. It's amazing.

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Played it on the SNES, but never beat it until the PS1 version.

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A little on the SNES, but more on the DS. Never finished though, even though I got pretty far into the game.

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I never had a SNES so I ended up emulating it years ago and I think I've played through that game around 10 times.  Then I tried it a little on the PSX but that version is a bit busted.

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Where's the "yes, on multiple platforms" option? Seems like an odd thing to leave out, especially since I imagine you'd have chosen it.

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I started playing the DS version a year or two ago (sadly never owned a SNES), but stopped like 4-5 hours in, I think because I sorta got out of the habit of playing my DS games for a while, then I got to that standard JRPG problem where I put it down for too long and don't remember where I was going or what was happening in the story, and I just want to start over.

So all that being said, I'm committing to actually completing Chrono Trigger one or more times on the DS before I start watching the Endurance Run, because I'd rather have my own memories of my first time seeing the game unfold. That seems like it will be more valuable to me than Patrick's half-remembered nostalgia, and Ryan's weird commentary on stuff that I don't always agree with or find entertaining.

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I played and finished it on the DS.
I think the additions they've added make it a pretty definitive version.

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Nope. I'll be experiencing it vicariously soon, though.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Where's the "yes, on multiple platforms" option? Seems like an odd thing to leave out, especially since I imagine you'd have chosen it.

The question is which console you played it on first.

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SNES. I remember staying up late at night with my brother playing through it. Awesome game.

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I have only played about 10 minutes of it, it's one of those games I just never got around to.

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Yupp! PS1 for me.

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What if I played it first on one console, and then went back in time and created an alternate timeline wherein I played it first on another console? You must plan for all contingencies.
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I played the SNES version, followed by the DS. Never really finished it.

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@Hailinel: You may have meant to ask that, but that's not what appears.

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F: On my original Xbox

I had it softmodded and I installed a SNES emulator and ended up finally getting around to playing it from start to finish.

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@ViciousAnchovy said:

@Hailinel: You may have meant to ask that, but that's not what appears.

Perhaps it could be clearer, but in the context of the answers, I think it's clear enough.

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Played it on the snes and only finished it once had no clue on what I was doing at the end and no idea what ending I got

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Yes, on every platform it's been available.

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Eons ago on the SNES. Had the FFIV/Chrono Trigger box for PS1, but never actually played it there. Picked up the DS release for my girlfriend, as it's one of her favorite games. She's probably beaten it on every platform at least a few times each.

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You left out PC.

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Yep. On the DS. Never finished it, oddly enough, as I was borrowing it from a friend and circumstances led me to giving it back. Still, from what I did play it was a very solid game.

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Played some on DS and some on PC via emulator. Never finished it.

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Yeah, on the PS1. I stopped halfway through though because the load times were too bad.
I played it on the DS a few years after that, but stopped playing before I fought the final boss.

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Yes, on SNES.

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"Huh buh zuh wuh?": I presume that means no rather than I don't understand the question or why it was asked, because the answer is no.

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I did for a bit on DS but I stopped and then forgot about it, which is pretty much the death of any RPG for me. I'd have o start over. I can't just pick up a game I've forgotten about.

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I played it on emulation for about 7 or 8 hours. I didn't like it at all. Maybe that's because I played and enjoyed Chrono Cross before playing it.

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Played a good chunk on the DS and I get to be the guy who comes in everywhere and says "yeah I didn't like it and hated parts, actually" but I have reasons and I feel strongly about them, though I understand why people disagree.

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Yep I played it on the snes back in 1999. Since then I've been playing through it a 2 or 3 times a year whenever I don't have anything else to play.

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I've played it multiple times with the various releases. No idea how many times I played it on SNES/PS1. I started on the DS, but haven't finished it. I haven't bought it on PSN yet, but I probably will at some point.

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Why is there no real option for no?

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Nope. Wanted to buy it for $20 on the DS, but never did.

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@TheSeductiveMoose said:

You left out PC.

Indeed. I played through the first time on my little brother's $70 SNES cart, but I probably put more hours into it on zSnes or whatever. There were 10 save state slots, and I used them all to save all the multiple endings. And it's through emulation that I first heard the game's awesome music in stereo. So I regret nothing, Y'arr.

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Played and beaten.

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I have not yet beat Chrono Trigger, but I might pull myself through it before the ER starts. Or at least keep myself ahead of them. I have to PS1 version here, and I could easily acquire the DS version. So I am strongly leaning toward doing that.

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@TheSeductiveMoose said:

You left out PC.

I don't include obvious pirate platforms.

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Played it on the SNES at first and got confused when I reached the "the Place between" or something. I then picked it up for the PS1 for the cut-scenes and got stuck at the same place. THEN I purchased it for the DS and decided to finally finish it, but then again it has so many endings so have I really?

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I bought it the month it was released on the SNES. I played that damn game over and over again, I loved it. And all the different endings.
I don't know if I could play through it again. It might be fun for nostalgia for a few minutes, but I don't think I could seriously get into it like I did back then. That being said, I love everything about the game.

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No, but I'm interested to see what it's about.