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A friend of mine was obsessed with Civ IV back in high school, so when it was on sale for like $5 late last year I decided to jump on it. I only played it twice back then, but I've been playing it pretty hard the past three days (like, get home from work and it's ALL Civ until I fall asleep pretty hard) and I've come to one big problem: ultimately, I keep going for the same units and techs because they're just the ones that catch my eye.

I feel like this game really misses something by having one unique unit per civ. It bums me out seeing the same Warrior unit all over the map other than a flag, or that Ghandi revving up a horse-army on your borders early in the game is just about as dangerous as if the Persians were doing so.

I don't PC game much (probably mainly due to owning Macs) but my favorite part of RTS' like Age of Empires II and Starcraft was base building, so Civ IV is almost completely perfect for that...except that it feels entirely like a sprint up your research tree, especially as I start moving to the Warlord and Noble difficulties. Is there a chance there's a game (whether for Mac or not, I'm just interested to know) that's mostly Civilization, but also sort of RTS with the completely different cultures?

...or, am I just playing Civ IV completely wrong? (My iMac is from early 2008, I'm not too interested in trying to run Civ V in case that's an obvious answer).

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Try upping the difficulty and aiming for a specific win condition.

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Might be worth looking at The Settlers. I've never played it but my friend likes it.

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maybe give Endless Space a shot? it doesn't have the production values of civ, but it has an interesting tech tree, and you effectively craft your own units (design and outfit your ships).

i really like it, for what it's worth.

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Like Endless Space I would recommend tyring Galactic Civ 1 or 2. Very similar to Endless space but older and seems a bit more complex to me.

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There's the Twilight of the Arnor expansion for Galactic Civilizations II. On a very high level, it's Civilization in space. Or Master of Orion-turned Civliization. Anyway, each race has their own tech tree. Yes. One tech tree per spacefaring species. But that's the only game suggestion I have.

In addition to what @YapaPanda suggested, also try changing the world up. Having a world that's mostly islands in a lot of ocean, or extremely arid, or anything besides what earth is actually like, will force you to rethink your tech tree progression and what units and buildings get created.