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50GB of .mp4 .wmv and .mpg ... what is a .mpg ???

I have been a long time reader and viewer of Giant Bomb and before that, GameSpot. A couple years ago I decided that it would be a great idea to download and watch the "On The Spot" archive, you know, the old GameSpot liveshow that had many of the Giant Bomb duders. I just found these videos after backing up my PC and since they are nowhere to be found, I think it would be fun to finally start watching these and archive them back to THE INTERNET for all to enjoy.

Hopefully I will also be able to find some funny or informative segments too. I did already upload a "Quick Look" of Gears of War a couple years ago.

Will I really watch all 144 episodes? Will I really timestamp the show segments? Will I learn VirtualDub and Adobe Premiere while editing these videos? Will @jeff have blonde hair? Only the future can tell

(No I don't have every episode, many of the download links on the old GameSpot site were dead. Now then, let's get this train rolling.)

On The Spot - July 8, 2004 "MECH_JACK"

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Hosts: Rich Gallup, Ryan MacDonald, also with Greg Kasavin!!!

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On The Spot - July 15, 2004 "LucasArts: Still Alive"

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Short episode. Not much happens in this episode but it's still interesting to see what was hot around the summer of 2004

Hosts: Rich Gallup, Ryan MacDonald

On The Spot - Jul 22, 2004 "A Lot Of Stuff"

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The best part is when they start talking about this Final Fantasy 11 clock that shows the game's clock and it costs $45. I don't even know what to think about that. The big friday show also spends some serious time talking about A Dog's Life. Yes, that Dog's Life. Brad continues to be bad at video games as well. I'm sure that UT server is still up; PW: gamespot

Hosts: Rich Gallup, Ryan MacDonald

We've got so much stuff coming up, it's like a lot of stuff. - Rich Gallup

That's it folks. It's pretty interesting to see the media 10 years ago. Thanks for reading and enjoy this Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat preview.

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This is great, Duder.

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Aww this is really sad... this was all nearly 10 years ago!

I love that you are trying to get up as much OTS stuff as you can! I hope we can get as much as we can. I loved the end of the 8th of July episode there, with Tim Tracy.

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Jungle Beat was the shit.

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Oh man... that TV!

Oh man... those computer monitors!

Oh man... I've been watching this stuff for about 10 years!

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Thats great. On the Spot was really cool show and i would love to see the archive episodes again but I can't find them on Gamespot. Sadly youtube is blocked in China. Hope it still up in the summer when I will go back to the civilization and be able to watch them again.

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"Sheds a single tear"

This was the shit man !

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Thank you! So many great memories. Even though I only started to watch their stuff regularly in 2006.

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This is great stuff! Thanks man, some pure nostalgia heart strings here. On the Spot and the Hotspot were so good, that combo of people were magic times.

Can I make a request from some Button Mashing episodes? 'When I say Button you say...'

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@mendelson9: Thanks man! That clocks totally worth the Cash it's the coolest thing he's ever seen, TWO TIMES ON IT!

I love that Jungle Beat inspired Ryan to talk about Nintendo getting into creative stuff again, I feel like we have that conversation every generation with Nintendo's core franchises. Weird to see history repeat itself.

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Man, I can't wait for Jungle Beat.

Seeing this in order rather than in snippets is very intriguing.

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This is great :D

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Man back in high school I loved watching OTS. Never listened to the Hotspot sadly, but I really enjoyed the old GS days. The NES and Playstation flashback features were pretty great too.

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Ten years of my life.

Looking back at it all and laughing with those guys. A decade went by, and it both feels like: so much has changed, yet so little has. That includes me, and this community. It's a strange mix of nostalgia, solidarity, and bittersweetness. The things we loved will never stay the same, yet somehow still be there, if we know how to look. We didn't care at the time, we were all just having fun. But now, all we can do is hold on, while looking forward to the new.

Growing old is weird. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

P.S. It's amazing how stiff in front of a camera some of those guys were. Almost as if they weren't used to being recorded. I'm looking at you Shoemaker.

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Awesome idea!

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I'm watching these again with a big smile on my face, thanks.

Jeff's blonde hair was fucking amazing lol.

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@mendelson9: There are some key episodes that I adore but couldn't download last time I tried. The console launch livestreams being the main ones but also the UNO A UNO episode is packed with amazing moments.

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The origin of my mother not understanding why I couldn't go downstairs to eat because damnit there's a thing on the internet that's live!

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I found Rich's gigantic pants from the July 8th episode quite amusing. I can't believe that was a thing. My brother wore pants like that

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I remember spending every week at an internet cafe watching On The Spot because my internet at home was so crap (still is). This is going to bring back so many memories that I have long forgotten. Now if only someone could find a way to upload episodes of the Hotspot...

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Who is Ryan McDonald? He looks like the Other Darren to our Jeff Gerstmann.

This stuff is so Oughts (Oughties?) I just shat my memory pants.

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everyone was so thin..... lack of drinking while working.

the on the spot theme..... GOD, brings back memories. Thanks for reminding me.

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Thanks a lot for doing this. I've had difficulty trying to track these down in the past so it's great that you're doing this now.

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Great post, duder. Always fun to "Take a trip in the way-back-machine." Long live hack radio!

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Hooooly shiiiiiit

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@mendelson9: Hey duder, try and get in touch with Rich or Dan Mihoerck (Current Video Production Manager and Archivist at GameSpot) on Twitter. They both may have some older episodes of "On the Spot" that are not on GameSpot anymore and totally want to see you do this:

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Oh man, you have the Wii episode! I never got around to watching that and when I tried to I found out that GameSpot doesn't have it anymore. It's apparently fantastic. I will wait in giddy anticipation for the youtube upload. You are my savior!

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Oh man the memories I will be reliving some old memories and holy shit the long blond hair Jeff its breaking my mind.

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@razielcuts: I think the download links for Button Mashing were all broken I definitely would have download them. A few episodes exist on YouTube.

@zombiepie: Nice, I will definitely contact them once I get a list together of all the videos I have.

I will try to upload and tag a couple videos per week. Glad that people are enjoying this. :)

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In between writing terrible amateur reviews and arguing over whether the PS2 was better than the Xbox, I loved watching On the Spot on Gamespot, so thanks!

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In between writing terrible amateur reviews and arguing over whether the PS2 was better than the Xbox, I loved watching On the Spot on Gamespot, so thanks!