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I was just reading another site and there was a thread about collectors editions and I wanted to ask you guys what you thought about Collectors editions.

I personally don't really like them, I don't like the toys and the big boxes take up some significant space and don't look good on the shelf as display pieces as they don't generally match. However I do like in game items and will generally fork out for the collectors edition of a game if there are exclusive items.

The only collectors edition I've bought where the stuff was any good was GTA4 I still use the lock box and bag.

My friend on the other hand works FIFO and has far too much money he seems to buy every collectors item that he finds. because he works away I pick up his packages. Ive told him its mostly worthless junk but he still continues to buy it on the basis that he thinks it might be worth money in the future...or something.

So are collectors editions and collectables actually cool or are they a total scam.

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Depends on what it is. I didn't buy the GTA IV special edition, but I did get a Key to Liberty City, which is much cooler.

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I'm a sucker for collector editions of movies (I have an eight disc imported version of Grindhouse!), but not for games. I love a good steelbook (how can you say no to this?), but I find most of the big collectors editions to be way overpriced considering the content. There are of course exceptions, but they are few.

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It depends on the game. If I'm a rabid fan I'll get the collector's edition no matter what's inside. That's probably a weakness. I prefer goods that are interesting or useful though. Give me cool cases, books, art over bobble heads and figurines any day.

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They're okay.....I only buy them for a few games.

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@ninnanuam: I think it depends on the platform, considering that almost all PC editions contain soundtracks, art and extra content. They idea was sparse in earlier generations and I think they really took advantage of consumers from the beginning of the current. Most of the time now they just contain some small piece of DLC that will be purchase able later for cheap and some statue with the soundtrack. I honestly couldn't care either way; yesterday going through my steam folder, I had forgotten that I even had some of them since they were all free.

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If it is a game I've been anticipating, I usually get the Collector's Edition if it is offered. I have the D3 Collector's Edition waiting for me at home in Canada right now. Usually I don't often flip back through the content that is packaged down the road, but I like to have it for collection sake.

Except for GTA4, I am actually using the duffle bag that they included in that as my day bag while on the road in SE Asia right now.

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@Guided_By_Tigers said:

They're okay.....I only buy them for a few games.

I am the same.

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I always find myself impressed by the awesome things that can be found in collectors' editions.

Then I realise that all of the wacky collectors' edition trinkets will probably end up sitting in the corner of my room gathering dust; so, I never end up being collectors' editions (that, and they're usually exorbitantly expensive too).

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Yeah so many CE's and over the top swags this generation. I have like 4-5 CE's I desperately want to buy each year, then rein myself by reminding those boxes will need more shelf space and care than I can manage. I misplaced almost all of my old PC game boxes ( the huge ones full of maps and swag), so that doesn't give me any confidence anyway.

Better to just get 1 or 2 you feel a real fetishism towards, and have available, non obstructive spaces for them to shine through all your other plain game cases.

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Junk for the most part. I did actually like the GTA IV CE though. The lockbox houses a lot of my gaming accessories and the bag is good for overnight travel. Even the soundtrack is decent.

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Collectors Editions are almost always terrible and exist solely to extort money from "hardcore" fans, and their value usually goes DOWN, not up. Just look at that Halo 3 helmet these days, you can buy them on eBay for around £15.

There are exceptions though. Diablo 3's is amazing, so was the Fallout 3 one, and Anno 1404's is one of my favourites.

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I used to like them a lot but got burned a few times too many. I did want that backpack for the inFamous 2 Hero edition but it was pretty pricey. Some are nice and if you're a huge fan then it's definitely worth it - The Fallout 3 Lunchbox and bobblehead were real nice. Others are just trash.

I got the Arkham City collectors edition and although it comes with a cool Batman statue there is no game box - the game disc is inside the art book. While only a bit annoying for me, something like that would drive shelf-purists insane.

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The last collectors edition game I bought was Modern Warfare 2. Not the $150, just the $80 one. I don't buy many collectors editions of games.

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I'll buy it if its for a game I'm really looking forward too. Worth is subjective and all the ones I bought I feel good about. The latest one I bought was the Ninja Gaiden 3 Collectors Edition.

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Depends on the game, really, and the price. If it's 10 or 20 bucks more for a franchise I'm into, sure, though I did wait a few months for the legendary edition of Halo Reach to drop. Got it for $60 new about 4 months after it released.

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I've only bought one. It was CAtherine's Special Edition, and i still use pretty much everything that came on the box.

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I used to like them. Look at what Halo 2's Special Edition was - metal case and a bonus disc, with alternative manual artwork. Believe it or not, it was only 5 bucks more than the regular version. That was a really nice bonus that didn't go overboard, either with weird gimmicks or overcharging the buyer.

Oddly enough the sequel is where "special editions" jumped the shark for me. Still don't know why I bought the helmet included version. I don't need RC cars or statues or night vision goggles or giant replica chainsaw guns (that last one being my other regrettable purchase).

If there's a "midrange" one that has some extras and a fancy case I'll usually buy it if it's a series I really like (like Halo Reach's Limited Edition), but all other times I am more than happy with your regular old 60 dollar game. I don't need all that other shit.

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Most of the time they are ridiculously overpriced boxes filled with useless junk.

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I have the Splinter Cell Conviction doll. A waste of shelf space is what it is. Probably why it's stashed up in the attic.

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To me it just depends on what games you like and how much you'd want shwag from said games. I really like my Halo Reach Statue that I got with my legendary edition of the game however a lot of other games that have collectables like this I haven't been fond of and I rarely see the value of these things ever go up.

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I've spent thousands of dollars on various Collector's Editions without really thinking about it. I've made a pact with myself to only buy CE from Blizzard and for the Assassin's Creed series of games from now on. Blizzards are always worth the 30 extra dollars and I'm too in love with Assassin's Creed lore to ignore the nerdgasm I get when that stuff shows up.

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I think they're pretty junky for games. All that Borderlands 2 stuff, for example, just looked like clutter. Invariably, collector's editions for games consist of stuff people want, but not things they need. Collector's editions of movies or TV shows, however, make a lot more sense to me because they tend to be all encompassing for a franchise, and have bonus behind the scenes stuff.

It would be neat if when the Double Fine Kickstarter game launches, they do an edition that comes with the documentary episodes, and one without. That would be something I'd consider paying more for, not an art book I'd flip through once, or stickers, or a map.

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I get collectors editions if I'm a fan. Bought all of the assassins creed collectors edition. No regret. I'd say they are cool if done right. That resident evil 6 with leons jacket is what you should not do when creating a collectors edition.

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Usually junk- I only buy them if there's something I really want (like the Soulstone USB key in Diablo, and I'm so glad I have that ridiculous bust of Duke Nukem as a bookend on my game shelf.)

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Gimmicky junk thats just another tactic to milk the shit out of people.

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I get them for games I'm really into. But never if it's some tacky figure or plasticky toy. The last one I bought just recently was the limited edition of MGS HD collection. Came in a big box with a nice t-shirt and a pretty cool steel book case. But the reason I bought it was for the thick, hard back book of the art from the series. It's real good quality!! Surprised me actually. That stuff I love.

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There's to many of them nowadays, it's fatigue.

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I have a deep hard-on for collectors editions. I recently bought the StarCraft II CE from wal-Mart for 100 bucks. It's been sitting there since release and I just got a wicked PC and figured "fuck it, why not?". I really wish I had got the CE for Diablo 3. And I'm REALLY looking forward to the ultimate CE for Borderlands 2.

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I tend to buy CE's when they're for games that I am particularly excited for and want to show a little extra love to. As a huge fan of the genre and developer, buying the CE for any Capcom fighting game is a no-brainer. The same is true for almost every Blizzard and Bioware release. Even if they're only asking $60, to me these games are easily worth $70-100 to me because I know I'm going to be getting hundreds if not thousands of hours of entertainment out of them.

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I got Fallout 3, StarCraft 2 and Mass Effect 3.

I have regretted getting every single Collectors Edition to date and will now stop buying them.

In game rewards are always minor and/or not needed.

The art books I browse once and go; Neat, it looks just like ingame.

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I definitely love the idea of collector editions as I love to collect figurines and concept art/posters. However I rarely if not ever buy new games let alone pre-order anything. Not in a rush to be the first person to play games and I also am crazy good at avoiding spoilers and story about games I haven't played yet. Like today, I'm on day 2 of playing an amazing game: Bioshock 2. Just recently last 2 weeks finished Bioshock 1. Obviously they've been out for awhile but hey they were on sale and I just picked them up.

However, I feel if Bioshock Infinite has a preorder edition with more than just in game items that'd be the first game I would buy for the extras. Otherwise I wait until the hype is over and if I'm really in love with the collectors items, find them used in stores or online. Like my Perfect Dark Zero limited edition tin, game, and hologram cards I bought in Gamestop for 1.99. Good deal!

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Awesome, I always try to get CE's of games I'm sure I like. They do tend to end up just costing me a lot of space though....