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I'm red-green colour blind, as well as short sighted, etc. etc. so my eyes really suck (too much gaming?).
While the majority of the site is very nicely planned and coloured, I'm having a bit of difficulty distinguishing between a few elements:

  • The star rating for games - If a game has 3/5 stars - the last 2 stars seem too bright - I can't quite see which stars are 'filled' and which aren't - I think the unfilled stars could do with being a bit more faded.
  • Text in the Subnav top bar ('Post History', 'Favourite Forums' etc.') is too dark - it doesn't stand out enough on the grey background.
I know I could use a custom stylesheet to change this - but I was wondering if anyone else has similar problems, and whether usability in this sense needs to be looked in to?

(Wasn't too sure where to post this - I don't think it counts as a bug... perhaps there should be a Site Feedback/Suggestions subforum?)
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I don't have the problem but my friend has the same issue. I think they'll do something about

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TheBeast said:
"I'm red-green colour blind, as well as short sighted, etc. etc. so my eyes really suck (too much gaming?)."

I am so sorry, christmas must be such a shitty time of the year for you lol.

Stars seem fine IMO, but most others hate 'em. :S
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Instead of stars, how about little bomb icons? I think that would be cool.

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brukaoru said:
"Instead of stars, how about little bomb icons? I think that would be cool.

Yeah, that would be cool. Bigger bombs as it goes up, 1 = tiny bomb, 5 = large bomb.
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Bombs instead of stars? I dunno...

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I'll take stars, it's easier to refer to a review. I certainly wouldn't want to say, yeah, well Burst Limit only got three bombs out of five!!! But back on topic, I sympathize with your color-blindness, despite me not being able to grasp the concept of not being able to distinguish colors from one another. My friend also gets red and green mixed up.

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Well, how about the less bombs the better. If a game sucks it should get five bombs, for totally bombing.

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I feel for ya man but i really dont think bombs would work well. =[

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I am red/green color blind (not completely), but I can still distinguish between the filled and unfilled stars just fine.  However, I still agree that the unfilled stars should be darker to give them the appearance of being "grayed-out" instead of just "unfilled".

As for the gray text up top ('Post History', 'Favourite Forums' etc.'), if you are color blind I think you should even be able to see them better than not-color blind people.  The reason for this is because our brains have to rely on the lightness and darkness of a color to distinguish between them all, rather than relying solely on the colors themselves.  This is the reason you can't tell between red and green-- they have the same lightness and darkness of color.

So I say the text up top is just fine the way it is... it keeps it distinguishable from other, brighter shades of gray text.

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I don't know how this thread got revived!

All I was thinking was something like:


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I think the mini stars should be just like the big stars, like his;

How it should be.
How it looks currently. (minus the stars in the upper left, mybad)