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To a fake mmorpg website with an 8 minute gameplay video...

I was surfing some forums and I came across this thread titled "a very good mmorpg" that said this: and the link to the full thread.


I'm a wow player since the game released and I still enjoy playing with me friends and guild. I also enjoy web based game that I can play for example at work.

Recently I discovered a very cool one. It's called "Curse of Backdraft" (a name that doesn't fit at all with the game experience) and is developped by a very little group of fan of mmos. What shocked me at first was all the game system that look very "wowish": In a simple web-based, they manage to create classes, with castable spells, even buffs! And wierd enough it's really interesting, the alchemy works.

The creators seems to be very reactive on bugs and listen to players ideas. It's allways a good feeling.

The bad point is that there aren't many players yet, probably because the game is still a beta test. Anyway, it's possible to create accounts, so I wanted to share this finding and maybe this project can get a bit of help from mmo-champion community.

There is one warning. The game is very hard, but there is a well done little chat integrated to the game with a cool community willing to answer newbies questions. When I understood how to explore and resurect, I pasted the hardest part.

Here's the link to the game's site: http://curseofbackdraft.com/

It's pretty damn good, whoever made it has talent. I think you can even sign up for an account. Maybe even start playing? I'm gonna sign up, hopefully it's not a scam.

EDIT: Okay so you can make an account but there is no way to the play the fake game unfortunately :(. It's still pretty darn good though :D.

EDIT 2: Ok actually you can play the game. It's fricken amazing!!! I really hope this isn't a scam site though lol. So I would suggest making up a new account and email address for this. I did. It's worth it.

EDIT 3: It's kinda weird how much of it seems to be a working game. I mean there's even a chat. But after that video, it's hard to believe this is anything but a joke. Right?

EDIT 4: Huh, actually I think it's a real game being ran by someone. whoops.

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lets ALL do it!

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I love signing up for random games, ridiculing them for an hour, trying to find if there's anything redeemable about them, then quitting.

I'm in.

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Seems Phishy

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Okay so it's an energy-based/grid-based/quest-based rpg. You spend turns moving and performing actions, and the game takes place in text based events that occur on a grid-based map. These have been around for years.

This one suffers from a terribly unwieldy UI, which is typical for any game with no actual, um, physical control over your character or the environment. Your inventory is on a separate webpage from your view of the area, which is separate from your view of the enemy you're fighting, etc.

The combat involves a new webpage loading automatically every second to read the effects that have occurred in combat, which is as fun as it sounds. It's like if you played an MMO and watched your combat log instead of the actual game.

I give this game a 10.

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@levio: Right?! Every fight ends with the enemies status panel showing up blank! What's not to love!?

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10/10- would never play again

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All right!