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Are you guys going to PAX AUS?

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Why is the Rock Band event never video recorded???

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Alek Navarro sounds like a fighting game character that would been in a Tekken or Virtua Fighter. Maybe even Mortal Kombat.

Name: Alek Navarro

Born: Kalifornia

Style: Karate

Blood Type: KO -

Sworn to avenge the death of his brother, Alex. Alek fights in the name of love and justice.

You made me laugh. Well done, sir!

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The Giant Bomb panel last night was incredible. Going to CAH tonight!

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Rock Band Night was fucking awesome.

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<p>I was at the "panel" and if you weren't, fuck you. No,not really. But it was quite a spectacle. I definitely recommend watching it. Definitely need to get into the Rock Band night next year.

Edit: Wapner.


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Anyone here going to the panel Ryan and Eric Pope will be at 7pm EST? I'm on line already!

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Ryan is about to be on this comedy panel and it's being livestreamed at twitch.tv/pax if I'm not mistaken.

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Why is the Rock Band event never video recorded???

It was streamed on Harmonix's Twitch page, but they either don't have archives, or don't choose to show archives.

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Will there be a video of this?

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Monday/Tuesday id wager..

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@happenstance said:

I always enjoy watching the GB panels but I have to stop once they start the question section, its just way too hard to watch and cringeworthy. Its kind of the same problem I have when they take calls during livestreams but moreso.

I don't believe there's a common antonym for Schadenfreude, but that's what we're talking about. At least I hope that's what we're talking about. Otherwise you're awful. :p

Anyway, I like being reminded that being able to speak coherently is in fact challenging. It makes me respect the bomb crew more, particularly Anxious Brad.

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@onan: It was amazing. 2 hours, 40 minutes and they answered every single question. Also I suspected it before, but it was confirmed during the panel: Jeff is hood as fuck.

Hope there's a meetup with the guys or just a community meetup next year.

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Can't wait for the upload!

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I'm not in boston.... =(