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Hey, I'm @ghostiet and the other guy is @ackbarthegreat. You may - or may not - know us from the Giant Bomb Community Podcast.

Since we figured that we like to talk about comic books and no one else on our primary podcast really cares about them, we decided to record and edit something of our own with the help of one @nyxfe. I also figured that it's a great excuse to finally get back into reading fucking DC and Marvel stuff once again.

So we got two episodes! The first one was stuck in limbo for a bunch of time due to the sad passing of Ryan Davis, so we took our sweet-ass time with the second episode. But yeah, it's here.

We're not professional comic book readers and I'm just getting back into them, so if you have any criticism or if we did anything wrong - tell us. Better yet, if you want to yell at us for being wrong, also tell us! We'll gladly get someone to talk about comic book shit with.

The first episode mostly tackles Man of Steel and a lot of rambling, while the second deals with Justice League Dark, Shazam and the recent reveal of the Superman/Batman movie.


Also, the podcast itself:


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Ghost, I am a professional comic book reader, and I demand to be treated as such.