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So awhile ago I was pretty into comic books and read them and collected them a lot. A new local comic shop opened back home and I went in there every week to support it and really liked the owners and subscribed to a bunch of books. Then I joined the military and before I left I cut back some of my subscriptions and pretty much let them know I wouldn't be around as much but I'd have someone pick my books up.

Well I haven't been home since last April and apparently they called my house last week saying I need to come pick up my books (my dad never got around to picking any up). I think I'm only subscribed to 3-4 books....which I figure at $4 each should be maybe $16-20 a month....

Well personally I don't want all of those books from the last 7 months. I'm going home on Monday on leave and I'm going to swing by the shop, but I wonder do you think as a comic shop owner they'd be pissed if I didn't buy all of the books they saved for me?

I mean I really like them, and I should've just canceled all of my books but I didn't want to because I like the shop. It would've been fine if my dad would've stopped by and picked a few up here and there so I could've paid for them over a longer period of time, but I don't want to go drop $100 on comic books next week when I'd rather use that money to do stuff with my friends while I'm on leave.

If you were a comic owner do you think you'd understand? Or do I have an obligation to purchase all of the books since I was subscribed and now they can't get as much money for the back issues?

Just curious what the comic book shop attitude might be.

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Dick move, those comics are worthless to them and they ordered and held them specifically for you.

If you don't have the money, that's all there is to it, call them and tell them you are cancelling at least so they can cut their losses.

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I don't know about Comic books, Comic shops, or the owning there of. But it sounds like they kept the, expecting you to buy them.

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Figured as much. I'll buy a handful, cancel my subs and see if I can send someone back later for the rest I suppose. I'm just going to go in in person on Monday.

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Yes, you should pick them up. You did subscribe to them and they provided a service for you. It would be kind of shitty to not do it. But that's just my opinion.

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Say sorry, and buy a trade. You don't have to buy the comics that they kept.

As someone whose work is in providing a slot based service, you're the worst. It is better for me that you simply cancel the service so I can give that slot to someone new, than it is waiting ang hoping you'll show up.

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@GeekDown said:

Yes, you should pick them up. You did subscribe to them and they provided a service for you. It would be kind of shitty to not do it. But that's just my opinion.

Yeah. I don't want them....It'd be nice if I could just pay like 50% for them but let them keep them and sell them as back issues (which sell 50% off) which would get them 100% of the purchase in the end....Otherwise I'll buy them and trash them most likely. Not going to pack them to bring back with me... Suppose I'll just hand them off to the first person I see outside the store.