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What use can you integrate into old, existing, or future titles with the Wii U controller? Specifically the use of the screen. Any genre can be explored.

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Pokemon Snap, the controller is the camera.

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RTS games. Put my home base on the controller screen, so if I'm out attacking the enemy and suddenly need to train more units/get a new upgrade going, I can use the controller screen to do it.

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The notepad in LA Noire.

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Turn-based RPG: All battle commands displayed on the controller.

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Inventory in skyrim.

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Sorry for the crappy quality but I really didn't feel like booting up the other computer to use photoshop.
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(1) Make mid game player changes (substitutions) in Association Football (soccer) games without pausing the game.

(2) Scroll a map/the playing area in a RTS game and select units.

(3) Select where a Bowler will pitch the ball in a Cricket game without it showing on the TV screen.

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Yo handheld World of Warcraft. Or on your tv!

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Chao Garden 2.0

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Augmented reality treasure hunt. What's at the end of your mother's back massager? A 1up mushroom, of course.