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Hey all

I was wandering what your opinions are on game buying to completion rate? When I say complete I mean finished the single player story rather than 1000/1000 in achievements?

Do you have a regular buying of games or do you go a long time buying none then get a load in one go or do you go with a few games a year and are happy to play them to completion (100% basically)?


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I usually get every game that interests me, but I use gamefly more than anything...I don't need to fall for the preorder bullshit or buying a full priced game when plenty of them aren't worth it. I'll get 2 or 3 out at once and play them, and then move onto others...if the game is worth buying then I'll go ahead and purchase it. Don't have a limit though or any rules I follow about not moving onto another game just because its not completed, hell I've never really beat any open world game to this day just because I get tired of them early to mid way through.

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I buy a 3 new titles for every game I beat.

Well seriously no; if I find a good deal (i typically am only buying older titles as of lately) i'll pick it up and if something new comes along i'll pick it up as well. There is no real connection between what I haven't completed; guess that's the good thing about having some disposable income.

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Complete them? I barely even play them before buying more games.

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Since I got my 360, like 2 years ago, I have tried to finish a game before buying another one.
But when I was younger I didn't care about finishing them. Most of my SNES games and PS1 games are unfinished.

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When a good new game comes out, or I come across a good condition used one I'm looking for, I'll snatch it up. I always like to know they're sitting there on my shelf waiting to be played at my whim.

However, I try my best to complete a game when a start it and the series as a whole if there is one. Sometimes this doesn't happen though. Take for example my recent attempt to play through the Jak and Daxter series. The brutal difficulty of Jak II has forced me to play something else for awhile for me to remember how games are supposed to be fun.

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I buy games when I have enough money or when I really want a game.

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I just buy games as soon as they come out, complete them and then either play through it again or do multiplayer for a while depending on the game.

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I try and finish all games I buy, unless it feels like a chore. Not finishing a game doesn't stop me buying and starting a new one though - I just try to eventually get around to finishing them.

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Kind of. I get other games before I beat others, but I have a limit on how many I have total. (4-5, not including games that take a day to beat.)

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I try to because I don't like having the feeling of not finishing the last game before I start a new one. I just think if I start a new game I'll never finish the old one and I like leaving games incomplete.

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I used to get a bunch of games, play them all, and it would take me quite a while to finish them. Now I realized I have so many games I still haven't finished, I'm working on that before I purchase anymore. Unless it's some casual/puzzle game, then I just get that.

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Nah, I definitely don't do absolutely everything or get all of a game's achievements or trophies before buying more. Sometimes I work on a few games at a time, sometimes I buy a game that wasn't that great, so I don't have the will to really explore it fully. Very rarely do I find a game good enough to do absolutely everything in it.

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I like to finish the games I have before buying new ones, for the most part. But uhh... that hasn't gone over so well. I still got probably 10 I need to finish, including one or two I still haven't even played.

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I tend to get games based on my own interest level and how much play I'll get out of them. Because of this, I rarely buy single player games. Thinking about it now, I don't own a single game besides EDF 2017 that doesn't have online multiplayer or co-op of sorts. I think Assassin's Creed is the only one I bought (for $40 on release) and I finished that and sold it within a week.

I finished GTA 4 and sold it as well. Basically, games I know I won't go back to once I complete it, I'll complete and try to sell.

In terms of buying games only after completing others, I get the games that interest me when they are released, whether that is close to each other or not. Luckily for my wallet there aren't too many I commit to full price.

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I just buy new games when I want them.

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I've bought a lot of games that I still haven't finished, and right now I'm diving deep into my back catalogue. Even the games I've finished, I don't think there are any I've 1000'ed. If that's the standard of "completion" then I've only "completed" a few XBLA games.

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I've finished almost all the games I have ever purchased. There are only about 5 exceptions which I am dealing with now.

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TobyD81 said:
"I've bought a lot of games that I still haven't finished, and right now I'm diving deep into my back catalogue. Even the games I've finished, I don't think there are any I've 1000'ed. If that's the standard of "completion" then I've only "completed" a few XBLA games."
Yeah, I mean the story/career mode in games rahther than all trophies/achievements.

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You don't want to know how many games I've bought within the last few months. You don't. It's certainly more than what I've completed.

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I'm 15, so my money is super-scarce. Most of the time I get to near 100% completion before buying a new game (except in the cases of super-long games like Fallout 3 or GTAIV).

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I recently got fired, so I'll be spending time going through my 60+ game backlog.

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I buy games that I'm interested in. If that's games that come out at the same time or not doesn't matter. But it's the usual 1-3 games during spring/summer and a heap of games coming out for the holiday season. Sometimes more, sometimes less, it all depends on interest. Most of the time I also want the full 1000 points from a game that I like, or at least as much as I can get. So I've got some longevity with most of the games that I buy. I guess the only exception would be the really hard games that I'm not even going to bother with unless I really, really like them. And of course the games that I don't like at all and don't play.

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 I only have a few games next to me that I haven't completed and I really should since I've nearly have. Since I have hardly any money and therefore I don't have a lot of games, I prefer to get the most out of a game before I move on.

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I rarely finish games, but I do try and get my money's worth from them before they move to the bottom of the pile.  This doesn't always work so well though.  Sadly, I've still got games in my library that haven't even made it to a console once, others that have only been played for an hour or two.  I have curbed my spending lately to games I have only desired for a good long time.  Gamespy really helps me control my expenses.  There are a lot games in my library that if I'd had a chance to test them out via a rental, I'd probably have had my fill and moved on to something else.  Right now, in addition to renting games, I've been trying to finish games more though.  Many of the games I have started I really liked and want to finish, but I sometimes get distracted by "shiny objects,"  meaning newer games.  I'm trying to keep from falling for the hype, but it's a one day at a time thing.

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I complete all my games. But I rarely get all the trophies. By complete I mean like, I'll always beat the main campaign.

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I will still buy a big game on release if the online is really good. That way I can play with friends right away. But as far as buying games more for single player, I try to finish what I have first before I buy more. Exceptions are made though when I come across a rare game or a good deal on an older game. More recently though I really try to complete what I have before I buy more.

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Yeah actually, I like the 1000 gamescore for the completionist part of me, not the actual points.

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I "complete" most of the games I own. In the case of shooters and platformers, that's reaching the final level and completing it. In the case of open world games, I've completed the main storyline. In the case of RPGs, I've beaten the final boss, Racing games... I seldom "complete" those. In fighting games I've unlocked all the characters and gone through story/arcade mode with them.

I don't really care about the points, I have a measly 8000 and the only game with a 100% point completion is Soulcalibur IV, though I have 1000+ points in Oblivion.

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Yes I usually beat them before buying another one. Unless I'm stuck, but doesn't happen a lot.

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It depends on the type game, for instance the amount of time i spent on Fallout 3 was insane (80 hrs. and going with the dlc) so of course i bought more games before i beat that. Sometimes i just get sidetracked with non-game related events and by the time i get around to it, theres already another game coming out im excited about. A good example is the new prince of persia, that i loaned out to a friend half way through and when i got it back i had not interest in finishing. Last week i dusted it off and beat it finally. So , i guess it just depends on the length it takes to complete it, and my interest in said game, and whther im not terribly busy with other stuff

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That's a habit I really need to get into.  I'll play certain games to death - Halo 3, Disgaea 3, and Fallout 3 are the ones that come to mind - while other games in my collection go almost completely unplayed.  I also need to purchase another PS2, as I gave mine away to a family in need of a Christmas gift for their kids while keeping all of my games.  I've got so many PS2 games I need to play through - Kingdom Hearts, God of War, MGS3... the list goes on.

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