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Eh, as interesting as any other video game coffee table book. Just targeting a VERY specific audience. I can't see this being successful.

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I don't like the idea of people having Kickstarters for projects that don't have any work done on them. It's like "give us money to do this thing, but you have no idea if we're qualified or able or if the thing will actually turn out good". If a small company just needs help getting their project made or finished, that's fine, but anyone can throw an idea out there and ask for money. (Obviously if it doesn't get done no one loses any money, but it's the idea of asking people for money for a project you've done no work on). Though with that said, this project seems like it has a qualified team behind it and will most likely turn out pretty well if it gets funded

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Not interested in Sensible Software, which is where he loses me.