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I was just wondering, something like say a race or faction in a game, like say "The Covenant" where would they fall in the classifications, concept? object? character? location???

If there are any guidelines hidden somewhere could someone please point me in the right direction? If not, it would probably be helpful to create a sticky thread or something with some...

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Prolly characters.

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i guess the covenant are a character(s)

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I think they're characters yes. I definitely think they need to get a tutorial out at some point explaining the best way they can what goes where.

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Yeah, feels the most logical, but not entirely, I guess you could always try and see what the admins say but I imagine they are rather swamped as is =). A tutorial / guide would be nice, hopefully they have something in the works for us.

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And then I found them under "Concept", gdammit! =)

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Definitely characters. However, the covenant is also a kind of gorverning concept. So perhaps it's both?

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Covenant would be a character. Concepts is more of things like "cover"  etc. etc.

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It's still describing characters, even if its a group.

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Concepts: Aliens, Religion, Enslavement
Race: Alien
Characters: Covenant
Objects: Halo, Spaceships, guns, etc