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It's time to try to come up with the best name for that explosive scamp you know and love, the GiantBomb.com Bomb!

Vinny likes Bomby™ and Bomford Mc-™.

Jeff calls him Bomby Q. Dixon™ and Lawrence of Bombrabia™!

Brad affectionately dubbed him Blasto™, but calls him Grilled Cheese for fun.

I think he should be named SeBlastapol™!

What would YOU call the jovial lil' munition with the manic smile and the short fuse? Have an EXPLOSIVEly good time thinking of your answer! Remember, we cant be GiantBomb™ without you, the GiantBombers™!

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Thwomp. That's what the site was gonna be called right?

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@theht said:

Thwomp. That's what the site was gonna be called right?

I second the motion.

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Mr. eSports.

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General R. Taswell Davis.

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Mister Reginald Zanzibar Bombast

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I like Blasto.

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It's obviously the Game Bomb.


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Lil' B?

The Abombinable Showman?

@theht: Thwomp gets my vote!

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Cool Bomb Man

Man Bomb

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The Mini Bomb?

Wait... I got it, Giant Bomb!

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You lot are so sexist. Oh it can't possibly be a woman? Does she need to wear a bow for you?


It's name is Shiela the Slag.

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Peter Molyneux

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Mr. Dr. Snake S. Snake.

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His name is Luchade- oh. That thing. Uh.... Steve, I guess? It looks like a Steve.

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I like Bomby. But how is that pronounced? Is it like 'Bommy' or 'Bom-bee'

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Before every video starts there should be a countdown that goes along the lines of "3...2...1... Drop DaBomb™" and DaBomb™ drops down from the top of the screen and dances to some dubstep. Then he EXPLODES!

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I just need to hear Vinny say it, then I approve of the name.

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Luchadeer is the mascot.

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