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People who spazz out and throw ther controllers are _____________!

Lets hear em!

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playing a frustrating game

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having a seizure while playing Wii Bowling, sans wrist strap

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Two midgets shitting in a bucket.

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Hilarious, I made someone throw a controller 2 times in my life.

1. Scoring 43 - 0 in Tecmo Bowl on NES, he threw the controller at the NES hitting the rest button, I dunno what pissed him off more, me beating him badly or his younger brother laughing uncontrollably at his massive fail after talking shit about how great he was.

2. 60 wins in a row in Mortal Kombat 3 on PS1, same friend, different time. lolz.

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Childish, a dickhead and probably didn't pay for the controller with their own, hard-earned cash.

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Gonna have a bad time...?

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Playing demon/dark souls

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Not getting laid enough.

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Unstable and in need of anger management.

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....going through a rough time, his wife has just left him and took the kids.

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now in the market for a new television

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Need to stop playing games for a little while.

I can safely say that I have only thrown a controller once in my whole life, and that was not because of a game. It was at somebody, and I was really angry at something. This was a long time ago, though, I was like 12.

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The hell is a _____________!?

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Probably me playing Gears or FIFA. My friends and I had a conspiracy theory that Epic would put us up against the best Gears players every match and laugh as we lose horribly again and again.

I've never broken a controller, just the horribly fragile battery packs on 360 controllers.

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Defecation given human form

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@Ravenlight: Jerking off into a pool of children's tears.

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idiots who probably didn't pay for the controller.

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the best humanity has to offer.

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... people who should start visiting a therapist.

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playing left for dead. i hate that fucking game yet my girlfriend allways ropes me into playing it. pretty much the only game that pisses me off that much. castlevania comes close but i actually like that game.

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...are going to lock this thread!

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