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I bought my son the game Cars 2 and he loved the game! But he's since beaten the game and wants a new one.

He's 3 years old but plays like a champ with me in the evenings while his mother is at work (I work from home - software engineer FTW).

What games are cool for that age, but fun as well?

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Get him a live account and a copy of MW3, he'd fit right in!

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Dead Rising.

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All the Lego games would probably be great choices and you could play together!

Lego Batman is pretty awesome.

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You might try Once Upon A Monster if you've got a Kinect.

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The Lego games could be a good choice.

Maybe Viva Piñata?

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I think Nintendo and Sony have many more good kid friendly games , but I guess the only thing I can think of are Kinect games. Banjo-Kazooie ? maybe ...

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@SpikeSpiegel: Lego Batman sounds really good. I'll check it out!

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Banjo Kazooie

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The version of Plants Vs. Zombies on XBLA is a lot of fun, and has co-op.

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VIVA PINATA. Oh and the lego games are good too.... but VIVA PINATA.

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Viva Piñata is fantastic (as Brad Shoemaker will emphatically tell you,) and so is Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Rayman: Origins gets pretty hard, but that would still be a great choice; I know some of my favorite games when I was three are still hard for me to complete today, and those games couldn't even save! Geometry Wars is simple to play and extremely difficult to master, and its short play sessions lend themselves to children. Rock of Ages is strange, but I think a kid might fall in love with the game. N+ is another great downloadable platformer for XBLA, though I think its difficulty might be a bit too high for such a sterile presentation. And, of course, there's the entire line of Namco classics to be found at absurd prices on the service, the awesome remixes of those classics, and an entire line of cheaper "classics" on Game Room.

Essentially, you might have gathered that I think the XBLA service has been a major boon to kid-friendly games. You'd be right, though there are probably at least a few more great kid-friendly titles I'm forgetting that come on discs.

If you're not especially worried about your child encountering some crude humor, Super Meat Boy has simplicity and excellent gameplay, and will literally take him until he is at least seven to complete the game despite the game's simplicity. And if you're okay with crude humor and some violence, Castle Crashers, Shadow Complex, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World are excellent, relatively simple games that may push the envelope, especially if your child is only three.

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Get a Wii and purchase Wild Gunman from the virtual console. You have to use your hands. It's like a baby's toy.

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Rayman Origins, Minecraft, Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, Bastion (might be a little above his age), there are tons.

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@BlameGamer: Once upon time monsters if pretty cool.

If you can find it, Kameo is pretty cool(it was a launch title so it might be hard to find).

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@ProjectMayhem said:

Bastion (might be a little above his age),

yea, definitely not the right game for a 3 year old!

all the other suggestions in this thread seem fine, though!

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I have a 4 year old son and he has enjoyed all of these either playing, watching or both:

Kinect Games: Happy Action Theater, Once Upon a Monster, Disneyland Kinect, Fruit Ninja

Non-Kinect Games: Minecraft, Forza 4, TinTin, Skylanders, Rayman Origins, Portal 1 and 2, Splosion Man, PacMan CE and CE DX, Lego games, Wallace and Gromit XBLA games, de Blob 2, Peggle, Stacking, Kefling games, Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, The Maw

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Skylanders, Disney Kinect & Once Upon a Monster as well as the lego games.

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Viva Piñata is a franchise I'd definitely recommend. Probably also be worth getting him one of the Lego games (Which one depending on whether your son is into any of the properties they've done).

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@skyline7284 said:

VIVA PINATA. Oh and the lego games are good too.... but VIVA PINATA.

For a 3 year old? No sir.

Double Fine Happy Action Theater if you've got Kinect. It's half price this week (400 pts).

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@Soapy86 said:

Banjo Kazooie


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Witcher 2, you can explain the whole birds and the bees talk at the same time. Wait he's 3... scratch that.

Probably any of the lego games as you can do all the heavy lifting, and he can just mess around.

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Kameo (a launch game but it's on the marketplace)

Lego (insert name of Lucasarts franchise here)

Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts

Viva Pinata


Pac-Man Championship Editiion DX

Mega Man 9 and 10


And, the most important one of all, Rayman Origins. Seriously. That latter one is probably the best one to get him.

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My kids are hooked on Minecraft right now (They are 9 & 4). They also really like Castle Crashers, Rayman Origins, and Toy Story 3. In fact, in my opinion, Toy Story 3 is one of the greatest kids games ever made. It's co-op, many things to collect/unlock, and it has a excellent free roam mode. Good for all ages.

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The XBLA game Raskulls is a hidden gem on the platform, and perfect for kids. It also has a really fun multiplayer mode that would be fun for both of you to play together.

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Kung-Fu Panda. Seriously. Even adults could play it and have fun. It basically controls and plays like God of War but with the characters from the movie.

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Many (most?) of therese suggestions are terrible choices for a 3 year old. I have young children. The Maw is the best choice, it's very charming and there is no failure state, although they may need help in some spots. My daughter cried when she got to the end, very cool.

Toy story is also good for the toy box mode, the story mode is a little dry. The coop story mode is more forgiving then Up, which can be frustrating.

I've heard good things about other 3rd person games like Madagascar, a dim general those seem to be the most intuitive.

I have found absolutely no good resources for the playability of any game with the very young. It's frustrating, because many games criticized as being too easy as said to be aimed at a younger audience, but much more often than not those games are very difficult for young children. Case in point: drawn to life. Charming story, and my daughter drew charming characters, but a combination of slippery controls and the fundamental demands of 2d platforming resulted in very little playtime ($20 down the drain).

I have also had some success with older snes games using game genie/gameshark codes. I have been slowly weening them off of full invulnerability.

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I really enjoyed Viva Pinata. It would seem age appropriate.

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Viva Pinata, Rayman Origins, Sonic Generations, Toy Story 3

lolled at someone recommending Super Meat Boy to a 3 year old.

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Only thing I can think of might be Galaga Legions. A young kid might enjoy it.

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@ashleychittock said:

Viva Pinata, Rayman Origins, Sonic Generations, Toy Story 3

lolled at someone recommending Super Meat Boy to a 3 year old.

This guy knows what he's talking about.

Rayman Origins is gonna get too hard for a 3 year old pretty fast, and the same goes for Generations, but my little girl enjoyed watching me get throught them, and you can even give her the controller in some easier spots, but yes, Viva Pinata and Toy Story 3 are some of the best Kids games on the platform.

If you have Kinect, there are plenty of games for kids.

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@hawkinson76: Fantastic suggestions! Thanks guys!