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Just got a new 55" TV which makes playing games on the couch so much more enjoyable. I have a 2 week old son that refuses to sleep at normal hours so... That means I'm getting more game time to substitute in for the lack of sleep... I have an HDMI cable I stretch across my living room so that I may play PC games on my TV. I just recently finished Braid (Loved it BTW)... I'm currently playing The Walking Dead, though since it is so "mellow and grim"... Sometimes I want to switch it up in the midst of playing TWD. So I've been trying to find a good game that is a fill in. I have CIV IV and CIV V but I don't have a mouse to play them on the couch (my wireless keyboard reaches but my mouse does not). If I could use the 360 controller to play the CIV games I would but... I'm not sure how I could so therefore, I ask.

Does anyone have a good PC game for the couch besides Super Meat Boy (already beat it...) Bastion (Will play it but don't know if it's a good palette cleanser for The Walking Dead), or the Half Life Games (I've beaten them quite a bit so I'm looking for something else to pull me in). I don't have a ton of money since kids are apparently expensive, but I would be willing to save up for one if it's worth the purchase. (Games on sale would be the best though!)

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I've been having fun sitting back and playing Binding of Isaac on my TV recently. Can be (and probably should be played) with keyboard only to, so there's that.

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Well it depends on your familiarity and comfort with a controller. I've been using mouse and keyboard since I got a new PC and my controller is collecting dust, I can't go back to shooting with that thing. Also the hotkeys for Skyrim and DX Human Revolution are really sweet, numbers 1 through 9 instantly switch up my weapons and bring up my spells and candy bars, it's quite a feat. I still use it for NFS and some indie games but other than that, it doesn't match up. The curse of the mouse, I guess.

So are you OK with shooting with a controller? And since you only mentioned indies and side scrollers, do you only want quick light fun or complex and somewhat more difficult titles? I have had a PC hiatus for a decade so I'm a little rusty on PC games but I think I can recommend some stuff.

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It's not the same at all, but try X-Com in place of Civ.

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Saint's Row 3,is ideal for a couch methinks!

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@th3irdeye: Noted on the Dead Island for $5! That's awesome and almost worth getting for later. The only thing I have with that is I think a break from zombie killing and mercy killing because of zombies might not be much of a break when subbing in gameplay with more zombies... I'm trying to not get too sad about life when playing TWD. :) But thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely look into those!

@hankrazorbeard: I've never heard of that but I will definitely look into it. And if it's keyboard only. That would be handy for sure! Thanks!

@wheady: I played the demo of this on my 360 and I was not a fan of the feel in that game. Not sure what it is but something about it rubbed me the wrong way. :( But maybe I'll give it another chance soon and I'll feel differently about it this time around.

@officegamer: I am very comfortable with a controller as well as keyboard and mouse. I used to play Counter Strike religiously but then I eventually stopped that. I still play shooters and other games with keyboard and mouse but I really like the ease of controller while sitting on the couch. I have a 360 but it's the original so it is a component picture instead of HDMI. So I like the look and framerate of the PC a little better if at all possible. Also, I have to take into account of holding my son when he's fussy or whatever that I can hold him in my arms fairly easily with a controller but it gets exponentially harder with a keyboard and mouse. So, that is mainly why I say controller. Then secondly I'm quite familiar with and decent at many games but the ones I've mentioned are quick and light but that's probably because that's what I have in mind for the palette cleanser. I'm ok with heavier (more difficult or impactful titles) as well... I just don't know how often you can get those for cheaper. That has been one of my main hang-ups because I can't afford to always drop $60 on a game. A few dollars here and there is OK but it takes longer to save up for a $60 title.

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@believer258: Yeah I've heard good things about X-Com.

@thomasg666: I played a decent portion of that game when it was free for a weekend and it was ok but.... It just seemed like GTA to me which I have on the 360 and would just play that if I felt like diving into an open world game. (Those aren't my favorite because sometimes I get too sidetracked and then lose interest before I get back on track... Silly reason I know but I can't help how my child-like adult mind works) ........

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I'll second Tomb Raider, it's a great game and amazon has it on sale for $35.

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@kidavenger: What if I've never played any other tomb raider game? Will that matter much?

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@mitchell486: It's a prequel and I haven't really played any of the others either so It didn't matter to me. The game is more of an adventure than a story if that makes any sense.

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Last one for me was Sleeping Dogs. And that game was hella cool.

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@mitchell486 no it won't, it's a reboot of the series. It's more or less an Uncharted knock off from the looks of it. I've yet to play it myself, but I've been interested in it.

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Basically any game that let's you use a controller would fit the bill.

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Just a heads up. Dishonored just went 50% off on Steam. It's $30 now.

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Limbo is also on sale via steam right now for 2.50 lol.

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I'd probably get Darksiders I or II, seeing as the first game was in an Indie bundle you could probably get it for 5 bucks somewhere.

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@wheady said:

Limbo is also on sale via steam right now for 2.50 lol.


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@hankrazorbeard said:

I've been having fun sitting back and playing Binding of Isaac on my TV recently. Can be (and probably should be played) with keyboard only to, so there's that.

BoI can be mapped to a controller and be made into a controller-only game if you wish as well. You can probably pick it up for less than $1 in a Steam sale.


Also, BoI was made by one of the creators of Super Meat Boy.

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Being that I, myself am an avid couch/PC gamer, I would recommend using a wired mouse and a USB extension cord (I have yet to find a decent wireless gaming mouse and hate it when mouse batteries die when at an inopportune moment). Although I play all of my games from my couch, a couple that I would recommend would be House of Dead Ninjas (you'll need Joy2Key to play with a 360 controller), Terraria (definitely need a mouse), and Zafehouse Diaries.

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All of these seem like decent suggestions. I'll strongly consider all of these. Though... I'm noticing a pattern. Most of these are sad/scary/make you think games. I was trying to get away from that to break up my sadness brought on by the tough decisions from The Walking Dead. Any upbeat games? I know I'm asking for a lot here but.... I want to be happy on the inside if at all possible! :)

I will look at getting limbo and dead island though while they are so cheap. It's hard to pass those up.

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Every time I hook up my PC to an HDTV the text in Windows always looks super fuzzy and awful. It's just a really nasty experience overall navigating Windows on a big HDTV for some reason, and it's one of the only legitimate uses of Win8's new Start menu that I can see being useful. Despite that, games and video look fine so maybe it's just how Windows handles font or something.

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@mitchell486: Rayman Origin will probably be available for $5-$10 if you look around.

Tomb Raider on PC is the one I generally recommend, but I sort of thing that is the best thing in the 2005-2013 type period.