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I just played a game with Kotl. Nothing special from my part but I want to know what happened at a certain point. We're behind in XP but ahead in Gold, and after 46 (close to 47) minutes, we have a stupid team fight that doesn't make any sense to me. Could someonde please explain how/why we won that.

Again, I'm not doing so hot so I'm not bragging here. Just curious.

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Their farmed, dagon 5 Nyx was dead during the teamfight, the Silencer ran away at the very beginning while Pudge was getting nuked down. Pudge ran to get a hook but he missed while the rest of his team was busy chasing you while SK beat the shit out of them. Then they killed Skeleton King but he just reincarnated. Also he had a heart and a 10+ charge Bloodstone making him incredibly hard to kill. The Sniper rolled in with everyone on the enemy team half dead. Wasn't a very confusing team fight, watching the fight again once made it pretty obvious how you guys won that.

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I have no idea what you guys are talking about so I'm just going to guess that it's Dota 2.

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Thanks . it wasn't confusing in the fight. But affterwards I just didn't understand how it all happened. And watching the replay didn't make much sense (kind of a noob here). I guess I didn't do much to the fight, but that's fine, at least we won.

Edit: I guess it was all about that SK ult then. That's ok, I supported him in lane... kind of