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everyone has favorite game lists, but can anyone say that game x is your favorite game? I'd say so (Mine is Nier) but I was wondering since a lot of people seem indecisive around here

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Yes. Metal Gear Solid 3.

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Nope. I can definitely list Super Mario RPG, Kirby Superstar, and Persona 4 off the top of my head as fierce contenders, but I could never pick one.

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Yeah, Persona 3 FES for me.

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Well, the problem is that if you enjoy games from several different genres, you essentially end up comparing apples and oranges. For example, I love both Bioshock and Braid; while I suppose I would say I like Braid more, realistically, it makes no sense to actually compare the two and say that one is better than the other.

Um, so, having said that, if you wanted me to actually pick one, I'd go with Braid >_>

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Yes, Final Fantasy VII. Its my favorite game of all time, I get maudlin just hearing the music. Its not the best game Ive ever played, not by far, but its my favorite =)

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Mass Effect 2. it was my first rpg and it made me fall in love with the aspect of a character driven story in games

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Nope. I have many favourites, but I'm not the type to rank them as one over the other. I see it more as a tiered system. I like to break it down in my head like this:

  • Tier 1 Gold : All time favourites- Every time I think of a game in this tier it brings back nothing but great memories.
  • Tier 2 Silver : My favourites - Every time I think of a game in this tier it brings back great memories but they are mixed with some low points so I feel like they can't be in the top tier with the others.
  • Tier 3 Bronze: The rest - This is where I keep pretty much every game. I ether thought it was ok, but not mind blowing, or I didn't care for it. I tend to mostly forget about these games as soon as I'm done with them.
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Neverwinter Nights. Unless I put 5+ years into another game, it gets to wear the favorite game of all time title for me.

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That's a tough one. I would choose MGS3 or Diablo 2.

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Probably the first Half-Life...

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Yeah, Persona 3 FES.

@FancySoapsMan said:

Yeah, Persona 3 FES for me.


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Diablo 2!

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Yes, easily. Battlefield 2. Or maybe Diablo 2. Wait. Quake 3. Fuck.

No, I can't.

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Yes! Super Mario Bros 3

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yes, Persona 3 Portable is mine.


what? I like the PSP.

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Mine is also MGS3, kinda can't believe how many votes that has in this thread already. For me it just came out at a perfect time and I had a friend who was playing it as well, just talking about it a bunch I probably played through that game several times. Best bosses in a metal gear game and the best ending (for me). I love that game, although I still haven't taken the time to beat it again in the MGS collection, but that will happen one day. Also I played the original version too, so it had that awful camera. But I still can't help but love that game.

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Probably not, no.

Well, I could! but the answer would probably change every single time.

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If you're gonna put a gun to my head and ask me I guess:

   Just 'cuz...
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Resident Evil 4

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Nope... I'd have a hard time narrowing it down to 10.

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Final Fantasy IX. I gauge the quality of story and characters of everything I play, by that game.

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I'm the only person who will say The Lost Vikings

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Creatures 3

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Simply not possible. Not even a top 10. Plus my tastes change all the damn time.

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Dungeon Keeper 2.

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Yes, Ocarina of Time.

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Not off the top of my head. I'll return to this thread once I'm done finishing up some reading. School work, yo!

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No way. At most I could make a list with a handful of games, but then I'd remember other games and go "Oh yeah, that game is awesome too!". And at then end, you'd just get a list that has a bunch of entries all numbered in no particular order.

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Nope, I only love what I don't own completely. Once I complete a game it loses the element of discovery (well mostly) and while going back and reexperiencing it can be nice it can only be truly impactful the first time that I see it.

My favorite game will always be one I really enjoy while I'm still playing it, or shortly after I've finished it.

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Silent Hill 2, sadly the magic only works once. 

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Single player: Shenmue - I know it doesn't hold up that well now but at the time is was pretty insane.

Multiplayer: Ghost Recon (Xbox) - Compared to current gen bullshit, this game is insane, no aim assist and it actually felt like you really fucking earned your kills, binoculars to scope enemies at long distance (pretty much a required thing on some maps, because of fog and so on) and when you took damage it impaired your movement and aiming. Shame something like this will never happen on consoles today or in the future, it doesn't hand you XP on a plate or give you phat killstreaks.

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Yes and no. I feel like I can, but then I'd be saying it's better than every other fantastic game I love, which I just can't do. It's like asking "If there was only one game you could play, and you had to throw the rest out, what would it be?", and I can't choose that. But if I really, really had to choose my favorite, it'd probably be Dead Space.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Hands down my favorite. (And I'm not just going with the general crowd of people who say it's the greatest game ever, or who say it's flawless. It was my favorite game before people were saying that.)

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Jak II

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Persona 4 and StarCraft II are number one for me. 

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Kinda, Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, Shadow of the Colossus and Okami are generally the ones I switch around for my all time favorite game. It really depends on how long it's been since I've played them and what mood I'm in.

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I have a few favourites from different genres that makes them hard to compare. I can't say that I love any one game much more than any other in the top 7 list I have on GB.

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Mass Effect 2 is my favorite game of all time. Before ME2 came along I probably couldn't have named a single favorite game, but Bioshock, Halo CE, and Zelda Link to the Past would have been in the conversation.

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Yes I can, Mega Man X from the SNES

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System shock 2

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Apparently I voted "yes" on this, but I actually can't. Metal Gear Solid 3 is my usual answer, but it's running hard against Deadly Premonition, Persona 4, and BioShock. I haven't played MGS3 or BioShock in a few years now, though, and my tastes may have shifted away from them.

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I feel comfortable saying Persona 4 is my all-time favorite game.

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It's definitely hard until I remember Diablo 2.