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I am getting a new pc in a couple of months and I am looking for some games that I should play these we the games I am thinking of getting so far Fallout New Vegas( I had it on Xbox but want it for the mods) Supreme commander 2 Crysis maximum edition ( More to see if it can run it) Shogun total war 2 X com enemy unknown ( Cant wait to play this game, Looks amazing) I would like some recommendations, preferably Pc exclusives and Strategy games. Thanks in advance.

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Civilization V for all your strategy needs.

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Mount & Blade Warband. Its pretty fuckin janky, and kind of ugly as sin. But dear god no game does what it can, that being put you into the role of an adventurer in a truly open world, raising an army, and the best melee combat around. If you can get past the initial bullshit that comes with learning the systems and stuff what lies beneath is an incredibly deep and amazing game. And the massive amount of mods for the games doesn't hurt either.

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Favorites of mine are Company of Heroes and the Witcher: Enhanced Edition. I heard good things about Sins of a Solar Empire and the whole Total War franchise but I never tried them myself.

I did try Mount & Blade Warband but man it feels outdated.

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  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Torchlight 2
  • Witcher 2
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Dawn of War 2 and the expansions. Company of Heroes. Starcraft 2. Skyrim.

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Welcome to PC Gaming. I have a free copy of Civ 5 to get you started I got with XCom if you want it.

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Company of heroes is a great rts.

Starcraft is pretty good.

The Witcher games

Hard reset is kinda okay

Solar 2 is a really cool alternative sort of game

Portal games

HL games

The Penny arcade RPGs were pretty fun

Magicka was very cool and unique

Machinarium was awesome, i cant imagine it costs very much

VVVVVV was great

The old Lucas arts Adventures are always a good idea, monkey island remakes etc...

Zeno Clash is a weird good one

Cryostasis is good

The Longest Jorney games are an old favorite of mine

Thats all i can think of. Look on Good old Games, there are a lot of old classics that are dirt cheap.

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Battlefield 3 obviously, it's almost PC exclusive with the canyon of difference between versions.

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BF3, Witcher 1 and 2 are insane. Metro 2033, you have to try that. Deus Ex HR is pretty good. Team Fortress 2. Skyrim. Civ 5.

I forgot to mention the Day Z mod for Arma. I haven't tried it myself but everything about it seems to me fascinating. Check it out if you have the chance.

Also i hear that Sleeping Dogs looks incredible on the pc.

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I'm an old timer when it comes to PC games, so if I may, I'll recommend some classics. Rome Total War, Age of Mythology, Age of Empires II and Civ 4 are the best startegy games I've played on the PC so I suggest those. Sid Meier's Pirates for the PC is awesome too. If you like squad shooters, Star Wars Republic Commando is pretty rad and Battlefield 2142 is good as well.

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Crusader Kings II Complete Edition, totally baller.

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World in Conflict and Company of Heroes 
And then of course the usual big named games that people like to play because they get a new one every 11th month

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@Shotgunblast97 said:

Crysis maximum edition

Far Cry 2 is actually fun on PC since you can avoid the constant driving to and from safe-houses via quicksaves. It just comes to mind as a game that was essentially broken on console and great on PC.

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I'm playing through Crysis 2 Maximum edition on my new PC now, great fun. Others:

  • Battlefield 3
  • Minecraft
  • Counter Strike Global Offensive
  • Day Z (expensive though as you have to buy Arma 2 and it's expansion)
  • Thomas Was Alone
  • Starcraft 2