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Baha, yeah I love this video, saw it just before. It's so terrible right from the very start - I love how long she takes to swap guitars, and how silent everyone is. The game looks shocking, but having the two people demoing it fail, is just the icing on the cake - bloody brilliant video.

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Yikes. Poor girl. As funny as it is and as funny as Rock Revolution's failure is, still can't help but feel sorry. Public embarrassment sucks

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Ouch. Way to butcher The Ramones.

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That was interesting.

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Zombi said:
"Ouch. Way to butcher The Ramones.
That reminds me of how absolutely awful the cover was in Rock Revolution - the vocalist didn't sound right at all, and it sounds much better in Rock Band (might be an original, not sure) and as if the bad cover wasn't enough, they hired someone who sucks at the game to play it! Well played Konami!