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this is apparently game announcement number 2 by capcom at pax east, the plans are that they are planning to port its 2 dungeon and dragons games to wiiiu e shop, psn, and xbla, so according to joystiq, that includes 1993's Tower of Doom and 1996's Shadow Over Mystara

and then it incorpirates the usual features of these online rereleases

The new version integrates a challenge system, and includes drop-in, drop-out online multiplayer using GGPO. A new "house rules" system will let you change the mechanics, turning it into a time attack or losing money instead of health when damaged, for example.

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The D&D Golden Axe rip off was the best.

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Those games were dope. I was wondering if they'd get around to porting them.

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Well crap. No offense to the games announced, but was really hoping one of the two planned announcements would have been a Dead Rising 3 reveal. (Im sure Im in the minority lol)

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Great games. Can't wait.

Now I'm only waiting for that Cadillacs and Dinosaurs remake...

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So stoked for this. My brother and I played through Tower of Doom on MAME a while back and I've been wanting a re-release of these games ever since. They've aged very well. And my God, was that Red Dragon hard to kill!

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Wow,played in the arcades this one,back in the day,and it was amazing!So excited!