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Hey guys, I'd thought it'd be cool for us to have a thread to showcase some of the content Dan and Jason have been a part of in the past. To be honest, I never really patronized Game Informer, so I have a relatively small amount of knowledge about these guys. I'd love to see some of the best videos, articles, and anything else that these two have had to offer! I'll start off with one video I saw on a different thread of Dan interviewing Peter Molyneux, and my personal favorite Dan Ryckert appearance, the world record attempt he was involved in a few years ago.

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obligatory post of the butt tumblr video

and some others

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I did some research on Dan when rumors were he was the new hire; GI's Replay and Super Replay series are really good, and you should watch all of the Dan And His Dad videos.

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Yea definitely watch all the videos with his dad, I can't wait for him to do a video with his dad at Giant Bomb

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I love GI. I subscribe to their magazine. And I was somewhat saddened by Dan and Jason leaving there to come here. But maybe this will be an opportunity for me to expand what sites I go to. Let's see what GB has!

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You can't go wrong with a super replay. Blue Stinger and Cyberia 2 are gold.

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Oh, and Dan's last episode of Replay. 1:10:00 for the best/worst of tribute.

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Jason hosted Dan and a bunch of other GI folks to stream a weekend 11-hour playthrough of Ride to Hell:Retribution at his lake house. It was amazing. At one point they called the writer of the game.

Alas, it is no longer on Game Informer's Twitch Page.

I would say that the 2014 Super Replay Challenge was hosted by Jason O. and is worth viewing for his quirky game challenge picks. (Unable to post video from my locale)

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@sen0r_awes0me: Yeah, Jason did a great job with the Replay Showdown this year. Here's the first episode featuring Mount Your Friends, note the fantastic editing (watch it on Youtube and the other episodes show up in the right column)

And oh god, that Ride to Hell stream. Believe it was supposed to end at 11 per Reiner, but went waaaaay too late. Drunk Kim was a highlight.

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The Dragon's Dogma Test Chamber they did was one of the first that I watched and pretty much endeared Dan to me immediately:

The 2012 holiday special of Replay wherein they played that terrible Grinch game is pretty excellent:

And though it's no longer listed under their past broadcasts on Twitch, I was able to stumble onto a link to the Ride to Hell marathon archive...


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One of the first videos I watched after learning Dan was probably going to be hired on.

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Haha, cool! I've been meaning to watch those videos of Paul Ryckert being forced to play games.

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This is a fantastic idea. I've been meaning to look up their old work and this is a great resource.

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Any of Gameinformer's Super Replays are a great place to get to know Dan better. The GI guys pretty much treat him like an idiot (with good reason) but he always made things fun.

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@quid_pro_bono: Seeing "smashed" and "Guinness" I totally thought it was a "drinking Guinness while playing video games" record, but the actual video is pretty good, too. That ending is fantastic, showing the gross NOS shit with "plenty of hot chicks inside." Eugh. I wonder how Dan will feel about joining Giant Bomb's next Extra Life stream.

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They need to fire Dan and hire his dad. That man is the true voice of videogames journalism.

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I highly recommend Dan's personal YouTube page. Between the hell smoothie and drinking a bottle of wine in 6 seconds, it proves Dan is the man.

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@dt9k said:

They need to fire Dan and hire his dad. That man is the true voice of videogames journalism.


I guess I'll second the notion.

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This level might be the craziest/stupidest/funniest thing I've ever seen in a game

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The stuff with his dad is pretty much the best, but his prank story on the bombcast was really funny too.

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Ryckert makes his dad play games and gets him to comment.

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So people are posting a lot of videos but if you guys want a whole lot more of Jason along with some of his friends check out the Interactive Distractions Podcast . There were a few years where Jason was off the main roster of regulars but as current plans stand he will still be doing that show while working at Giant Bomb at least for time being. So check it out! Some of the old podcasts as well as their Mass Effect spoiler episodes are really great.