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I didn't see any sort of resolution to the Dan and Jeff shenanigans talk. Anything?

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Confirmation from Jeff's tumblr: http://blog.jeffgerstmann.net/post/94749393326/how-real-is-the-hype-surrounding-the-mystery-piece-of

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What is this "shenanigans" you're referring to? I saw Jeff's post on tumblr, but it doesn't really explain anything.

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@sgtpierceface: Dan and Jeff were on a piece of Gamespot content last week. Chris Watters, the host, made reference to something crazy the GB crew were getting up to. He was quickly hushed up by Jeff and Dan. And, then, the rampant speculation began.

Both Vinny and Drew made reference to it on Twitter in a conversation that went, approximately, as follows:

Drew: Sent Vinny some photos of what we're doing.


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It's an ongoing and very serious mystery. Potentially a couple weeks out, Jeff said.

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GET HYPE is all i have to say in regards to this.

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But...but...I need to know now... :(

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Wild speculation time: GameSpot being absorbed into Giant Bomb.

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Wild speculation time: GameSpot being absorbed into Giant Bomb.

It's a dumb video of some kind, not business related.

I imagine it's gonna be similar to the old Giant Bomb iOS app video.

Loading Video...

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That Giant Bomb iOS video is classic! Still watch it every once and a while. Hilarious.

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I'm guessing they got "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson to come in and watch The Rock with the crew.

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Is this not in reference to the mini fridge on the couch? That is some pretty wild stuff right there...

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1. Dan is going to wear a Yoshi costume while saying Brock Lesner is a perfectly fine wrestler.

2. Jeff will light Dan on fire.

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The last time they teased us like this, our good friends Joe Biden and Roman Reigns showed up on the site.

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An edited video? You mean like, produced produced? Well now I'm excited.

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I hope it's another big live live show.

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My theory is that its apart of Danny O' Dwyers Pax panel.

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Probably something suitably dumb. Maybe they went to Barkerville and need time to edit the footage.

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What did this end up being?

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Mario Party 2 Party

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Yeah I've been wondering this for ages. Obviously I'm more than happy for them to take as long as they want. I imagine it will be something relatively none video game related, judging by what they've been saying recently.

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Pretty sure it was either Dan's 'super kick' on Alex or the whole 'gamebomb.ru' segment they did at PAX Prime.

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@orwellhuxzam: what piece of content? I need to watch it, giantbomb content has been so light

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It seemed like something they shot on location somewhere? Of course that was like a month ago and Jeff suggested we would see it in a few weeks, so who really knows at this point.

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Pretty sure it was either Dan's 'super kick' on Alex or the whole 'gamebomb.ru' segment they did at PAX Prime.

Was this it or was it Dr. Tracksuits pax rumble video?

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I thought this was related to the CD-I nonsense. Naturally I'd love it to be something completely different and new.