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So I was among the first people to really dislike the slower animations in Dark Souls 2. I hopped on the Souls Train with Dark Souls and was really used to the speed that you moved in that game. After trying to find out some ways to fix this I learned that Adaptability is actually a stat that changes how fast some of you animations happen. I know a lot of people were having the same issue as me so I figured I would share. Basically if you put points into it your estus flask drinking, rolling animation speed, and shield raising speed will increase. I don't know what else it changes but it's what I've noticed the most. If it changes anything else let me know.

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Attunement also gives you Agility, though less frequently than Adaptability. Still, it's useful for spellcasters.

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Also note that Adaptability and Endurance are tied together when it comes to the natural Poise stat change. To get that number to increase, those to need to be leveled in tandem with the lower skill value increased first. or so I've noticed.

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