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anyone has an idea if backstabbing in DS2 is as ridiculous as DS. never had a fight online without getting lag stabbed from everywhere. my internet connection is solid. about 45 mbps download and 5 mbps upload. even sometimes the game lag. getting a backstab is very easy in this game. i hope from software has made a smaller hit box or a way to avoid the backstab during the animation. its pretty retarded to see your character just standing there taking a backstab. not to mention the damage is just too high. backstabs range up to 80% damage. anyone have any info from the Beta about this?

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to be honest. there shouldn't be backstabs. why cant i have headstabs? leg stabs? just remove the retarded animation and make backstabs a regular hit.

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Backstabs where massively changed. You are no longer invulnerable while you do them and the damage was "possibly" lowered. I think they also made the animation smoother, but as a result, also slightly longer. In other news all the teleporting and mile away backstabs were due to crap netcode and the fact that the games were hosted on your machine.

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Backstabs are technically "regular hits" with higher damage in Dark Souls 2, with hitboxes and no invincibility frames, as far as I know. Rolling doesn't have invincibility frames either, so dodging around to get to the back would be harder.There are more combat options in general, so I wouldn't be surprised if less people do the backstab strategy.

Edit: Actually, I might be wrong. They might still have some invincibility frames, but at least less than in Dark Souls.

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DS PVP is about who gets the backstab first.

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@sgt_ham: Not really. I've had hundreds of pvp fights where no backstab was done. People who rely on this tactic are probably not very good at the game (pvp aspect of it anyways). A parry and counter is just as deadly as the backstab. But less people are able to pull this off it seems however. Or they just don't realize it does very similar damage.

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I have to say in all PVP fights i've had. only 2 or 3 people weren't back stabbing. they were using pursuers and tons of magic. its a skillless strategy as well. pursuers kills you in 1 hit.

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you can't counter people that do nothing but backstab.

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@sgt_ham: What platform do you play on. PvP seems to be different between the platforms. I play on PS3 mostly and don't seem to have issues with backstabbers.

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I don't see what the big deal is. Never found backstabs all that frustrating.

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@sterling: There's certainly a ton of people that focus on backstabbing/dark wood grain ring on the PS3; doesn't mean they're good at the game though, but depending on lag there's not a whole lot you can do about it. Stamina recovery is a lot more broken than backstabbing.

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@fredchuckdave: Not trying to say it doesn't exist. I just don't seem to have any issues with it on PS3. I have issues with it on PC though.