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Poll: Dark Souls or Dragon's Dogma? (167 votes)

Dark Souls 77%
Dragon's Dogma 23%

I have crippling indecision when it comes to playing games, and I hardly play any to completion. I've decided I'm going to dive into both these games, having purchased Dark Arisen this week, but I can't decide which to tackle first.

What do you duders think? Feel like helping me choose?

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Do you like bread?

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Love it, if it's freshly baked.

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Why wouldn't you play Dark Souls?

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Dark Souls is better, but it is fun to sort of just dick around in Dragon's Dogma, particularly on the hard difficulty; experimenting with various pawns etc. Worth noting is that Dragon's Dogma starts like molasses and Dark Souls has one of the most elegant tutorial sections in any game period.

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Damn mobile site not having reply. @golguin Crippling indecision. Plus it stresses me. I'm just past the bridge boss in the Burg.

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I personally far prefer Dragon's Dogma, it just feels more responsive and more responsive to player skill rather than being as strongly focused on enemy patterns and manipulating the game as much as Dark Souls. Dark Souls is great once you learn all the systems and really get a hang of things but it takes quite a bit longer to get to that point in Dark Souls then it does in Dragon's Dogma so if you aren't looking to devote a lot of time into whatever game I would recommend Dragon's Dogma.

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Do you hate yourself? If so then you already know the answer my friend.

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Dark Souls is the way to go my friend

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Having played neither I can safetly say you should play Dragon's Dogma first. Fact.

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If you're not going to finish either game, you'd get more out of Dark Souls than you would spending an hour or two running around the overworld of Dragons Dogma every time you want to go to a new area every time you play.

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Both, always both.

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Damn mobile site not having reply. @golguin Crippling indecision. Plus it stresses me. I'm just past the bridge boss in the Burg.

The stress you are feeling is the Dark Souls working. It's a normal thing to experience.

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I played Dark Souls for four hours and never felt the desire to go back to it. I have never gotten around to Dragons Dogma because I'm waiting for a price drop that never seems to happen, but from all the videos I have seen of it it looks like it would be more fun. The main hook for me is the making pawns thing. I think that looks like it would be a ton of fun. They both look to me like they would scratch the same itch, but I prefer the look of the gameplay in DD then to what I have played of DS.

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@golguin Plus it's sorta scary.. Yeah.. I don't do horror games. ;)

@Zella being a long time Monster Hunter player, I'd argue that learning the systems and animations is a great indicator of player skill and ability.

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@theimmortalbum I see what you mean, though I was referring more to how Dogma is much more of an "action" game than Dark Souls and that it's often easier to go in blind in Dogma than in Souls. If you are a Monster Hunter fan though I totally see Dark Souls appealing to you. My main preference is I find Dark Souls can sometimes be hard just for the sake of being hard(fucking curses) and Dogma is in no way an easy game I'd say but it's much more forgiving as you have party members backing you up. You can also pause Dogma which to me is a major plus cause not being able to pause Dark Souls is terrifying when I need to quickly run to the bathroom or something.

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Dark Souls has one of the most elegant tutorial sections in any game period.

How so? I'm just curious, as it didn't strike me as anything particularly special.

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Dragon's Dogma is much easier Than Dark Souls and will go faster, plus the pawn community is probably ablaze with activity right now given it just released.

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Just play Monster Hunter

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@fredchuckdave said:

Dark Souls has one of the most elegant tutorial sections in any game period.

Hm... Do you mean that Dark Souls elegantly eases you into its gameplay philosophy (e.g. you are going to die, a lot, and you are going to learn from it) or it naturally explains its systems, particularly anything to do with menus?

For the former, absolutely, but the latter is one of the most common complaints about the game I've seen.

EDIT: Uh, both, I guess. Dragon's Dogma doesn't seem to be known for its difficulty, so that should factor into your decision.

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For as much as I irrationally love Dragon's Dogma despite having some pretty blatant problems, Dark Souls is legitimately one of the best games of this generation.

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dark souls has a higher learning curve but is more satisfying. Dragon's Dogma has heart though.

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Dragon's Dogma is the way to go.

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Dragon's Dogma. I can enjoy me some Dark Souls but I really love the combination of the Combat and all the game play systems mixed with the utter cheese of the game. Dumb things like the pawns incessantly chatting and bad J-Rock are kind of endearing to me now. I've never felt the urge to go back to Dark Souls. I've played Dragon's Dogma through nearly 4 times now with countless hundreds of hours invested.

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@fourwude said:

@theimmortalbum said:

Love it, if it's freshly baked.

Then Dark Souls.

For some reason, this was the funniest exchange I've seen in a while.

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Dragon's Dogma is awful. Play Dark Souls and Demon's Souls.

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Dark Souls is easily one of the best games this generation. The combat is really well done, the challenge is rewarding and satisfying. It's got great co-op and pvp. Also, pretty much every playstyle is completely viable and balanced. Want to be a huge knight with a great sword? Go ahead! Want to be a quick dashing rogue and backstab and parry guys constantly? Sure! Want to be a mage thats also great in a fight? We got that covered! Want to do alittle bit of everything? Yup.

Also, surprisingly the story and lore of the world is really well done. Sure you have to hunt it out yourself by reading item descriptions and talking to everyone, but its ALOT deeper than most people give it credit for.

It's not as hard as people make it out to be, i stayed away from it since it seemed intimidating, don't worry about it. Patience is key though.

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I have both and I recommend Dark Souls over Dragon's Dogma.

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Yo dawg, didn't you already asked us this? Play both of course!

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Only played Dark Souls, so obviously I'm going to recommend that. It still ranks as some of the most unique and enjoyable game experiences this generation for me.

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@marz said:

dark souls has a higher learning curve but is more satisfying. Dragon's Dogma has heart though.

I see what you did there.

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I can't vouch for DD since I haven't played it yet but let me tell you this: I have nothing but adoration for Dark Souls and all its glory so you might as well try that out first.

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Even though Dark Arisen improved upon Dragon's Dogma in pretty much every conceivable way, it still can't compare to the utter excellence that is the Souls series. Even with its many improvements under the hood, Dragon's Dogma is still a highly flawed game. And to this day Dark Souls can still be downright breathtaking in spots. Plus, while Dragon's Dogma's combat is certainly flashier, I still find the Souls combat to be much more satisfying and to have more depth.

The atmosphere, the world, the combat -- everything in the Souls series just feels so much richer overall. And while Dragon's Dogma certainly has its moments (the ending fight against the dragon is superb), it's not nearly as consistent and is often still left to flounder about on the ground like a dying fish.

Dragon's Dogma at least has a much better character creator, though

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Whatever you do make sure that you end up playing both of them eventually, it never hurts to splurge when your days are numbered.

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Whatever you do make sure that you end up playing both of them eventually, it never hurts to splurge when your days are numbered.

I got it. Just so you know someone did :D

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@theimmortalbum: A lot of people will shout Dark Souls at you - and while it's worthwhile to experience it, I think you will have a lot more fun right off the bat with Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. It's sort of like an amalgamation of Skyrim and Dark Souls. Dragons Dogma also has an open world environment, online aspects and a ton of interesting quests - only where it completely outdoes both games is the combat and enemy encounters which are a lot more interesting and dynamic. Skyrim combat is extremely dull while Dark Souls combat gets a bit too methodical at times. You will get a bunch of varied vocations (classes) that you can mix up at will throughout the game - you'll never be completely locked down into a build. There is an entire fascinating companion system that extends into a cool online community.

I have beaten Dark Souls and have recently started Dark Arisen and no other game in recent memory has really hooked me as much into a "ok just one more quest, one more room, one more .." While I enjoyed Dark Souls for what it was, it did offer a lot of frustrating moments as well that forced me to put the game down for a few days.

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Dark Souls, because its the game of this gen.

But Dragon's Dogma is also quite incredible. You'll have many, many hours of fun between both games

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Dark souls by faaaaar, especially if you want a unique experience. Honestly it's so different from any other game I've played this gen (except it's pretty similar to Demon's Souls, durr hurr). Dragon's dogma is fun though. I'd grab dark arisen when it drops to 20-ish. It's just a bit more generic and the lack of production values are really obvious. It's worth playing through for the combat system, but if you could ONLY play one, Dark Souls end of story.

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@supamon said:

Yo dawg, didn't you already asked us this? Play both of course!

Yo dawg, did I? I don't think I did. Maybe I did?

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If you play Dark Souls first, then Dragon's Dogma will be disappointing. Happened to me.

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I really like the way Dragon's Dogma plays, but yesterday I reached a point where the most enjoyable option available to me felt like repeatedly double jumping on top of a fountain, when I realised I was just aimlessly running/jumping around without any interest in doing anything else I turned my system off. I don't think I like Dragon's Dogma.