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Oh god, what's going on?

This is what I'm seeing right now.

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in chrome and safari, same thing

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Indeed, it is in the process of exploding. (Chrome)

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Wow i feel like I was just inside The Matrix.

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Dave Snider - "Ugh. Just not my day."

Anyway, it seems to be better now.

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You just broke it for me.

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I pushed some blind code and had a typo. Should be back to normal now.

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I'm fine on Chrome.

Edit: fuck, I missed being in the Matrix?

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@snide: It's fine now. Thanks Dave.
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@snide: oh, I thought it was the new design. I was starting to bitch about the fact that there was no black-site function :)

@NekuCTR: the Matrix only lasts a couple of minutes. Bad luck, duder!