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M kay.

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hopefully they can erase him from the database, posts and everything

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But if we keep the fire going, the chances of noticing his idiocy go up.

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he hasn't posts in 6 mins has he gone : )

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Don't give him any attention what-so-ever.

He's starting to do my head in. He must be about 4 years old >_>

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True. No one read any of his threads. He will soon be buried.

#9 Posted by banksrob (1140 posts) -

or read them press the little - symbol and leave the thread

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isn't there a topic already on this?

#11 Posted by RabbitKarrot (368 posts) -

Idiots will post in his threads regardless of if its feeding him or not.

Has to be expected on a forum im afraid :(

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True, I don't know why people were even responding to his threads.

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He has been banned.  Now is the time for rejoicing!

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Tarsier said:
"he will get banned soon enough.. "

It will never be soon enough.
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i want confirmation, but hey its a landmark for getting rid of him. Also i hope its an IP ban or he can just make another account

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You guys realize there was a thread exactly like this yesterday, too, right?  I don't think people listened then, and I doubt they'll listen now...

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*Shoots pistols in the air and dances*

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SolemnOaf said:
"He has been banned.  Now is the time for rejoicing!"
He has been banned?
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Yeah don't feed the troll.    Ignore him, he's just crying for attention.